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Riley's First Vacation
February 1, 2013 at 2:46 PM

*sigh* I've finally loaded photos of our mini vacation, I didn't realize I had taken so many! LOL But I won't bore you and upload them all here!

Riley did awesomely on the flight, it was roughly and hour and a half straight through. We were delayed at our airport due to the ice in South Carolina. (The plane was turning around with passengers to come back to Florida.) So Riley was cranky at the gate and go figure we were seated just past the wing. I brought her carseat on the flight, I had no idea how she would be and I wanted to be safe than sorry. Riley did great on the flight, no crying, screaming or fussing. Loved it! She was a little anxious to get off the plane once we landed, but with having her, my purse, her backpack and the carseat, I was waiting until the last possible moment to get out of the seat.

We arrived in 20something degree icy weather. No snow, oh well. She passed out moments after pulling out of the airport parking lot poor thing.

We had a short visit with my Unlce and Aunt. My Aunt was still recovering from severe bronchitis and and they both had to work. So on Saturday (Riley's 2nd birthday) she and I spent time outside for a bit and drive up to the little gas station to grab some food and drinks.

Sunday we planned a trip to the mountains. No mountain in particular, but it's been a tradition to take a day and drive through them. My aunt gets very carsick in the mountains with all the twists and turns so she opted to stay home. Riley and I had the pleasure of smelling our first skunk together, poor thing had recently been hit while trying to cross the road. We had to open the windows and deal with the freezing wind to get the smell out.

The drive was wonderful, though winter right now there isn't very beautiful, I had a wonderful drive. We even got to go by the summer lodge that was in Dirty Dancing. Go figure I hadn't stopped for batteries for my camera yet and my phone was occupied by Lil Bit. We went to a little town, it was so absolutely breath taking!! The landmark there was Chimney Rock. Wasn't much, but still. We walked around the little town for a bit and popped into a few shops. We even went down the creek - looked like a river to me! LOL There were a few fly fisherman there, neither of them were having any luck. Riley loves the water, so it was an ordeal for my Uncle and I to keep her from running right into it.

I enjoyed spending time with my Uncle and Aunt and having them finally get to meet Riley. The fell instantly in love with her! I also enjoyed a little pampering from my Aunt, she works at Sally's so she was able to bring supplies home to dye my much needed pepper locks. LOL We hope to go back up at some this year again, for a little bit longer, better season and when my Uncle and Aunt can take the time off. I can't wait!!

The flight back was just as nice, though the flight attendants weren't helpful with me this go around. Come to think of it, they weren't for any other parent(s) that had small children on the flight. Riley only fussed a time or two, she fell asleep on the ride to the airport and I woke her.. whoops. So, here are a few photos of our trip!!!

Uncle Johnny & Riley .. two peas in a pod they were

Fly fishing anyone?

Riley & Mommy

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil Bit!!!

Making fried apple, raisin, cinnamon muffins with Uncle Johnny!! Just like Mommy used to when she was little!


  • .Angelica.
    February 1, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    looks like you guys had fun!!

  • Garnet_Iris11
    February 1, 2013 at 4:12 PM
    We sure did!! Riley was spoiled rotten the entire time too. LOL

    Quoting .Angelica.:

    looks like you guys had fun!!

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