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Grr - Hubby's in a bad mood
March 21, 2007 at 4:35 PM
I am SO upset. I am not really that angry, but I am at the same time. reason? my hubby is POed for some reason. and I am positive it has to do with me since he wont SPEAK to me (he always gived the silent treatment) I let the fart sleep in til 11, and he gets up and is immediatly in a bad mood (he went to bed in a bad mood too) The only reason I can thing of is becasue I didnt get the house clean like I said I would yesterday, but he was home, he knows how busy I was. I was stinking busy all day (he is studing for finals, I dont even want him to help except with taking out the trash!)  Yes, after I was working most the day I sat down and barely moved the rest of the day. Reason? PAIN. is there another way to say to more graphically tell you how horrible I felt? I could barely walk to the bathroom to pee. Yikes. it was horrible. when I went to tuck in the boys UPstairs.. oh man, I thought I was going to die! And going to bed is supposed to help you relax.. but not only was I going to bed knowing my hubby was POed, but I could not move without extream pain shooting through my body!
My hubby knows that I have problems with my hips when I am PG. That is just the way my body acts when I get to a certain place in pregnancy. Most of the time I can work THROUGH it and I am okay, hurting, but ok. But yesterday was a worse pain than usual. I hurt SO bad. I even took some meds! And I guess you have to know then that I DONT take meds... I take nothing but Advil after having my kids, just cause I DONT want to take meds. I have always hated meds. I aviod them at all costs. But last night I was frustrated with myself that I told my dr not to prescribe me anything cause I wouldnt take them! GRR, NOW I want them. I STILL hurt from yesterday. I am thinking of calling up my dr and seeing if I can get them.
I am just so frustrated that there is NOTHING I can do to CHANGE that I hurt so bad, but he is still POed about what DIDNT get done yesterday (I did get alot of things done, just not the visible cleaning of the house.) He has a test tonight and I can just BET that he will go home (I am at work) and clean the house instead of study.  I told him to just leave it alone, but I doubt he will listen. If he DOESNT do it, YES it WILL be done by the time he gets home from his test tonight, it wont take long, it is just stuff that is really hard on me when I hurt, Like sweeping and moping. it HURTS to do that when your hips hurt!
I am sorry to vent on all of you. You are the only ones I can really talk to about this right now! Thank you!


  • Becca87
    by Becca87
    March 21, 2007 at 4:56 PM
    I know how you feel, my fiance and I haven't been really talking for 2 days. It's always my fault though apparently. As if I started the fight and I'm fighting with myself.
  • Mamma-of-Many
    March 21, 2007 at 5:19 PM
    What really ticks me off about it is that I was cleaning the kitchen, Or at least I was cleaning out the fridge when he decided to get angry. and decided that he was going to load the dishwasher, But the way our apartment is set up, I cant get to the fridge if the dishwasher is open! So I had to stop in the middle of a project. SO I started cleaning off the table,.. but he wouldnt let me get to the sink to put dishes in to be rinsed. I TYPICALLY just ignore him being in a bad mood. Make myself extra cheerful so he cant blame it on me. But today I was too upset, the combination of pain and being tired and then adding his attitude, I broke down and told him to get out of the kitchen, I WAS working here. I WILL do it. and asked him WHY he had such a BAD attitude and if it was becasuse the house was a mess, and if that was the reason, that he KNEW I was in pain yesterday. and the house WILL get done today. After going off on him I couldnt stop crying and I locked myself in the bathroom for a 1/2 hour then when I came out he went outside and didnt come back in til it was time for me to go to work. his mood WAS a little better (at least to the kids) when he came back in, but he wouldnt even look at me. it will be better tonight, weather it is me who cleans, or him, really I think part of it is he is super stressed out about his Calculas final tonight. but he doesnt have a real reason to be taking it out on me. I dont care that the house didnt get done last night cause I can still do it today. He knows that I dont expect him to help me out. He goes to school full time, he doesnt need to think about having to clean the house too. when I am gone at work he studies and we have 3 boys that take up ALOT of time! Yes we have been married 7 years. for the most part I know how to handle his moods, but this time I just couldnt handle it. If it was becasue I was lazy and didnt clean the house, then it would be on me. but this is something differant, I couldnt control my pain. I couldnt work through it. I guess I do need to call my DR. If I am having that bad of pain then maybe I should just go ahead and get a perscription. It would afterall make my life easyer. SIGH.. I just dont like meds!
  • mbmomof3
    March 21, 2007 at 5:44 PM
    I hope you feel better...It is not fun to be in pain and have to take care of kids, house, etc.  You are obviously a tough mama!  Hopefully your dr. will be helpful.   feel free to vent all you need!  please let me know if you ever figure out how to get him to talk.  That is one thing I can not for the life of me figure out.  Do they think things will magically get better if they ignore it?  Or is it just a macho man thing?


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