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July 31, 2008 at 9:13 AM

Okay, so I am not trying to offend anybody with this post first of all.  But,  I am wondering if anybody else is almost done and they are bored with the pregnancy.  I am so ready to meet my little man and hold him.  I am just tired of talking about pregnancy with my family and friends.   That seems to be the only topic of conversation.  I am already soooooooo anxious to have my guy and it makes it so much worse when everybody talks about it.  I try to get my self settled down and tell myself that it even though it seems like forever away (even though I am do in two weeks)  I can do it and it will get here soon enough.  Then people are asking me if I'm having contractions or gosh that must stink being prego in the summer.  I am starting to feel like a watched pot and it is driving me crazy.  I love that people are concerned for me and they are just as excited as I am but it itsn't helping.  On top of it I am so bored with everythign right now.  I can only clean so much and organize so much.  I go throught the same routine everyday.  I can't really leave my farm alot because it takes me to far away from the docs office and the doc said it could be any day.  Any suggestions on how to curb the boredom a little bit until baby gets here.


  • ladywildroze
    July 31, 2008 at 9:18 AM

    Have you ever done any scrapbooking, thats one thing that helped me, also what about taking and repainting a tin and starting a time capsule for the baby. I sat down and wrote the baby letters all throughout the pregnancy, then saved things from when she came home from the hospital and put them in there and sealed it when she turned a year old. I will give it to her when she becomes pregnant with her first baby. Otherwise maybe if you are artistic start a mural on the walls of the baby's room.

  • rdhelmick
    July 31, 2008 at 9:19 AM

    i dunno, wish i could help.  this makes my third pregnancy in the summer, and the one thing that i really like about it is that when the baby comes, i won't have to worry about him being too hot for his little body in the first few months of life.  maybe you could have an old friend over for a nice glass of lemon aide and just sit down and chat about the old days.  other then that, i know what you mean about being in a rut of the same things that you do day in and out.


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