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Foley Bulb Induction (Edited with MY story) (perhaps a bit graphic)
January 20, 2013 at 5:41 PM

Alright.  Tomorrow I am 42 weeks.  

I waited out the 2 weeks past my EDD.  I am pretty uncomfortable going forward as everything has indicated that my EDD was correct.   

As I am 42 weeks, I have to switch to the OB instead of the midwives.  We met with him last week and he said that he had no desire to use pitocin on me as he knows I'm trying for a VBAC -- a C-section is his last resort.  

So, tomorrow he is putting in a foley bulb.  The midwives have wanted to put one in before, but my cervix hasn't been dilated enough for them to do it.  Apparently, it doesn't matter too much with the doctor -- he's good at putting them in.  

So, I'm looking for foley bulb induction stories.  (Preferably positive -- I really need the positive now :)  ) 

Were you induced with a foley bulb? What was it like? How'd it go?  

Well.  In short, that sucked.  I'm getting induced with low-level pit tomorrow.  It's not my first choice, but that bulb was hell.  

So I go in today for the bulb placement.  He puts it in (said it went in easily so he feels I'm dilated some) and inflates it.  All is fine, just a tiny bit of discomfort.  They hook me to the fetal monitor for the second part of my second NST.  

They leave and hell breaks loose.   Instantly I'm having the worst cramps and feeling horribly sick to my stomach.  I also feel like I'm in a fog and break into a cold sweat.  I couldn't even carry on a conversation with DH.   It honestly felt as if I had a horrible, horrible stomach virus.  I felt like I might pass out.  

I'm breathing and trying to manage my way through the pain.  There wasn't really much of a let up, though I did feel like there were rare "breaks."  I was thinking to msyelf "okay, so -- there is a break, this is what they were talking about -- but if these are contractions, it doesn't feel like anything described." 

I wait out the 30 min on the NST -- barely.  Then I make DH go get the nurse to take me off so I can go to the bathroom.  I was about to poo all over that table.  

Over the next 30-45 minutes I'm in and out of the bathroom repeatedly so I can poop.  While I'm in there, I'm not even wearing any pants.  I just grabbed the sheet and hobbled.  I'm also trying not to pass out in the bathroom and hugging a trash can.  I felt horrible for other patients who needed that bathroom -- I could barely leave it.  

There was no comfortable position to be in.  In the patient room I hugged the trashcan (which was pretty bad.)  

I got DH to tell the nurse that I wanted it out.  OUT.  The doctor was trying to check on me but everytime he'd get ready to come in, I was in the bathroom.  Finally he just sat and waited for me to get out.  (He wasn't impatient at all.)  

He takes it out and I immediately feel better.  I told him I would happily take the pitocin induction if I coul get that damn thing out NOW.  

All I could think was that the pit couldn't feel worse than that -- and if it did -- eff it and bring the epidural.  Birth plan out the window.  

Since then I've been having contractions and they are totally bearable.  They also feel nothing like whatever was going on with that damn bulb.  

The OB was completely puzzled by my physical reaction to it.  


  • Mrs.Pedro
    January 21, 2013 at 8:07 PM
    I really don't understand why he was shocked... There are nerves in your cervix which can make you feel that way if they are pressed. I was forewarned of being dizzy and nauseous after getting my Mirena in for that reason. Honestly, what you described felt exactly like when I was I transition with my second(pitocin induction). I felt absolutely nothing even though the pit was turned all the way up for hours, but then my doc broke my water and baby's head came further down... So pressure on the cervix/rectum making me feel sweaty, intense pressure resulting in lots of pain, being dizzy, nauseous and feeling like I need to poo. Thankfully by the time doc broke my water I was 7cm, and it only took an hour and 44 minutes of feeling all that before baby was here. I wanted the epidural, but by the time the anesthesiologist got to me my son was crowning. Good luck with your induction :)


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