on my way to the hospital :( *updated*
October 8, 2012 at 1:34 PM
Yesterday i fell up the stairs and last night i started getting the worst pain ever, i cried myself to sleep. this morning i wake up try to get up and fall because of this stabbing pain. so, i call my ob office and instead of letting me walk in they tell me to go to the hospital :( so now i am in pain going to my least fav place in the world!!! ** so, i am having sparatic contractions and they watched baby because his heart was dropping with the contractions. turns out he was on the imbilical cord and he is fine. i am on rest in hopes the contractions will go away. im only 332 weeks. and the lovely stabbing pain is my ligaments being pulled by my forever expanding uterus lol baby and i are fine and will be following up next week, hopefully he dosn't try to come out too early!!


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