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Pregnant with baby #2 with a 5 year old daughter
January 27, 2013 at 9:11 PM

We just found out we're expecting our 2nd baby with an estimated due date of October 2nd, 2013. My daughter just made 5 on January 25th. She's excited about the baby, but wow, I feel like I'm starting all over almost like I've never done this before! lol. I almost feel crazy saying that, but true. I remember with her I spent ENDLESS nights on CafeMom researching so many things and now I find myself wanting to do it all over again. Am I crazy?? haha. But anyway, what are some tips? I'm sure things have changed since 2008. How do you deal with a 5 year age gap as far as with the pregnancy and the whole bringing the new baby home? Just any advice would be good because I'm not even sure of what to ask. 


  • mewebb82
    January 31, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    I have a 6 yr. age gap between each of my kids. I know how you feel. There were so many things that changed between each baby. Just looking at new baby products was overwhelming at times, but I would ask other moms with younger kids and learn pretty quickly.

    As far as your 5 yr. old adjusting, there are some things you can start doing soon. As soon as you have a name picked out, start referring to baby by name. When I was shopping for my youngest, I would usually know what I wanted but would ask my older kids "Which do you think Jaxton will like more?" and show them a few options and then sway them toward the one I liked more. My oldest kind of understood what I was doing since he was almost 12 and I did the same with him when his sister was born. My daughter was almost 6 though and it gave her a feeling of being involved and included. Then, when Jaxton came home I made sure to include my older kids in little decisions and help throughout the day. What outfit should we put on Jaxton? Which diaper (we use cloth)? My daughter will help me with things like refilling the diaper caddy or getting his blanket. Little things like that make a huge difference in how your daughter will react and adjust to your new addition.



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