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Round 2! DD fighting sleep ... Help?
January 16, 2013 at 3:46 AM
***UPDATE: She's asleep now. I just let her play with toys and then held her for an hour until she went to sleep. Though, she has a wet diaper and I have to change her, hoping she won't wake back up. I could still use some advice on getting her to sleep.***

I went through this with my first DD. when she got around 8-9 months, she began to fight sleep. We tried everything to get her to sleep, and I mean EVERYTHING we could think of or were advised to try, but DH and I would eventually have to put her in her crib and let her scream it out.

Now my second DD is almost 10 months and she is now fighting sleep. She'll fall asleep, but when we lay her down, she wakes up screaming her head off. Again, we try everything we know of, but nothing works.

She's clearly tired, eyes are puffy and red and she's constantly yawning or rubbing her eyes, but she won't go to sleep.

Here's a list of things we try:

Warm bottle

Warm lavender bath

Laying down with her

Rocking her

Singing a lulliby

Checking her diaper

Checking to see if her gums are hurting

We turn off lights and all electronics so she's not interested in anything

Reading her a Dr. Suess book

Anyone have any other suggestions that we can try? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


  • bris_mom
    January 22, 2013 at 7:29 PM

    Teach her to fall asleep independently its the best thing you can do. It's not easy but so worth it. Once my dd learned to do that i just lay her down, walk out of the room, and she does all the work. And no more night time wakings, because she knows how to fall back asleep on her own

    Quoting gizmo538:

     No, she fights sleep. Even during the day when it's time for a nap, she fights it. When she wakes up, she normally wakes up screaming, but there are days she'll wake up cooing and playing in her crib.

    Quoting bris_mom:

    sounds like a sleep regression, not much you can do. Does she fall asleep independently because that may be your culprit



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