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How do I do this without hurting this persons feelings?
by Rene66
January 11, 2013 at 1:58 AM

My daughter is currently in girl scouts. I met her leader at our kids school. She is a very nice person and we talked a while about my daughter joining her troop. Once a week all the girls meet the leader after school and they all walk to her house where the meetings are held. The first day when I went to pick up my daughter I was just blown away when I walked into her house. The house isn't just cluttered and messy but discustingly dirty. I thought to myself, maybe she was in the middle of spring cleaning or something????? I asked my daughter how the meeting went and she mentioned how filthy the house was. Anyway, she has gone to 4 other meetings and the house is still the same. It is literally not a sanitary environment and I really don't want my daughter to be over there any more. The thing is, is that one of her good friends at school is in her troop and she likes being with her and I don't want to take her away from that. At the same time I do not want my daughter in that house. I can't just tell the leader that my daughter won't be in her troop anymore because her house is discusting. She is a really nice person and I don't want to hurt her feelings. How do I get my daughter out of the troop? It is the only troop in our city.


  • mrs.Martinez201
    January 11, 2013 at 2:01 AM
    I'm not sure, I serious marriage would complain to the girl scout people though, you can't be the only one with a problem.
  • frndlyfn
    January 11, 2013 at 2:03 AM

    I would talk to her and offer a different space if it is truely that bad.  A disGusting , dirty place is not a safe area to have meetings.   Maybe offer to help the woman on a non meeting day to help her clean the house.

  • eoewan
    by eoewan
    January 11, 2013 at 10:49 AM

    Every leader has to answer to someone higher then them. Contact your girl scout organization and ask for the name and number of that person. Then, you can voice your concerns with her.

  • Bmat
    by Bmat
    January 11, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    Let her stay in the troop. 

  • xoxRachelxox
    January 11, 2013 at 11:55 AM

     This. There has to be someone above her that you can explain this to. She shouldn't be having kids over her house if it's that disgusting.

    Quoting eoewan:

    Every leader has to answer to someone higher then them. Contact your girl scout organization and ask for the name and number of that person. Then, you can voice your concerns with her.


  • mama_l
    by mama_l
    January 11, 2013 at 11:57 AM
    Become a co leader so you can have the kids at your house instead.
  • Lindalou907
    January 11, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    What kind of dirt are we talking about? Like feces? Because I think your daughter's going to really miss out on a lot of fun and learning if you pull her out. In my experience the messy moms are the most fun for kids. Plus, you want to model tolerance for your little girl. Unless it's truly dangerous over there just keep quiet.

  • jabs54
    by jabs54
    January 11, 2013 at 3:11 PM

     If you have voiced your concern over the dirt in front of your dd she will most likely repeat your concerns and reason for pulling her out so I don't think you can do it without the leader knowing.  I would contact the organization and ask that the leader clean her house before the kids come.

  • mamavalor
    January 11, 2013 at 8:16 PM

    Maybe you can suggest that the meetings be held at the school instead of at her house.  My DD's troop meets in the art room after school.  No fuss.  No fuss.

  • SoKamele
    January 11, 2013 at 9:13 PM

     I would suggest another location to the troop leader.......if that doesn't work...try to offer at your a co leader.

    Last option...remove her.

    You got me thinking of an episode of Hoarders now.

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