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phone bill
November 22, 2012 at 6:09 PM
Okay back in July I got my boyfriend a sprint phone, he decided a month later he did not like it and wanted an iPhone but it was to late to cancel or trade phones. His nephew said he wanted to use it and would pay the bill. I agreed.

Well fast forward to this month.a lot of drama started, his wife made up a bunch of lies saying she not only slept with my boyfriend but slept with his son as well. She was NEVER even alone with either of them in the two months they lived with us to even have the opportunity to sleep with them.

They broke into our house when we were not there, his wife stole my $60 hair curler and $40 blow dryer. They let my mini Scottish terrier out and I spent an hour looking for him. He was soaked from it raining and hiding under some bricks all shaken up. When I text him about it he said he had no clue there was a dog which is b.s.. he called before breaking in, he asked if the dog bit and I said I was not sure how he would react to them and to not go in my house until I get home. I get home and open the door and new right away they had been in my house , my dog runs to the door as soon as he hears it open and he was nowhere to be seen.

The next day I checked on the phone to see a $200 bill due to lsdt months bill not being paid and a load of purchased apps and music. I called up to have the phone shut off before he ran it up anymore , he had put the phone under his name and switched around the adress, password and security question. They would not shut it off due to me not knowing the info. Apparently he had his wife call pretending to be me and switched everything but the phone is still under my account meaning it's hurting my credit.

I was able to put a block on it threw the internet and not even an hour went by and he was blowing up my phone and my boyfriends. He test my bf saying either I take off the blicj or he would have his wife call pretending to be me which he did because a week later when I was able to get to the sprint store the bill was now higher due to him downloading more stuff.

I showed him my Id telling him the lady on the phone told me to go to the store and show my Id to get the stuff changed so I could have it shut off, the guy said the phone was shut off due to non payment and due to that he can't change anything, he said he could put a note on the account and to call sprint back.

I have not had a chance to call them due to my phone being off, I plan on paying it next week. I have no idea if they will chrange the stuff or not and how to get him to pay it. By the time the bill and contract termination is added up your looking at like 500 bucks and I have been working on building up my credit and this will hurt it.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make him pay it? It is clear he has been using it because he put it in his name and it says on the account he changed it a week after he got it so there's proof he has been using it and ran the bill up.


  • newmommy-again
    November 23, 2012 at 4:54 PM
    You also have the potential for identity theft. You get one free credit report every 12 months from each of the credit bureaus. So go to and get one of them. Then in February do it again with one of the other companies and then again in the summer. If you see anything suspicious report it and have it verified.
  • Christie825
    November 23, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Small claims court, costs about $30 to file in most states, and most people are too scared to lie in court they end up admitting they owe you, and that's all it takes. And you can add the court cost on to the phone bill. Bring witnessess to court and don't let them know you are so they may not think to bring any witnesses. You don't need a lawyer go to your local courthouse and the clerks will tell you how and what to fill out and file.

    Once you have a judgement against them if you know where they work you can attach a lein to their pay through the courts too.

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