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need to let it out before i end up in jail
April 25, 2012 at 6:27 PM

 Ive been working alot more lately Im a sub for preschool. ive been working the afternoon shift 11-5 and its a half an hour drive both ways. well today was particularly stressful there was a guest speaker and as anyone who has worked with small children will tell you any change to the regular routine can cause some of the children to act up more then normal. and the drive home was tidious because of a migriane. when i got home there was a dog running loose and of course my dogs were barking at it. my neighbor across the street a cranky angry old man starts screaming at me saying my dogs have been barking "all day" ummm no gonna have to say no i left at 10:20 the dogs were in the house with me until then and then i only put the pups out because they are the best outside barely bark unless being harrassed so unless he was harrassing them they would have been quiet. and ya they were out cause my hubby let them all out when he got home from work at 4 so thats less then 2 hours they were outside. i was already stressed and all i wanted to do was get inside and get pain killers and food. this man has harrassed my family since we moved here he complains when my kids are playing outside!! my anxiety and stress have tripled since movin here because of him! ok its out now maybe the urge to hit him with my car will pass


  • marscella
    April 25, 2012 at 6:53 PM
    Oh how awful! I have a neighbor such as yours. She drives me freaking batty most days. I've lived next door to her for the past five years and I still haven't got any better at dealing with her! She will just randomly walk in my gate without notice or knocking~ I babysit and have five dogs do I put up an 8 foot privacy fence~ doesn't stop her. The kids r to loud, my dogs bark to much, my grass needs cut outside my fence ( mind u I cut it at least once a week), ugh the stories I could tell lol!

    Just try to ignore em the best u can. It hard I know. However with mine I've learned the less I bitch and less cranky I am with her and I just nod my head and let her vitch about whatever she want to bitch about ~ it's better! I just listen, nod, smile and say" oh, okay" and she walks away.
    April 25, 2012 at 7:09 PM

    I know its harder said than done but the old codger is looking for attention. If you completely ignore him, he will let it go. 

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