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to fix our crisis why dont we do this?
February 24, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Now far be it from me to know anything about politics or money.  I'm a nurse and havent got a clue.  But I say why wont this work?  If we start to move from our current cars to cars run on natural gas with the intent of having  say like 90% compliance in say 15 years doesnt that put  all the car companies to work? create a new industry (or at least enlarge by a lot) the "drilling" for natural gas industry while also decreasing to the point of not needed our reliance on foregin oil?  I mean it puts A LOT of people back to work in old and new jobs...and then while we are going in that direction when we get to say 50% compliance start looking heavily into things like solar and wind to power the next generation??

ok I get the "its expensive" thing.  but the bottom line is that everyone who has a gasoline car will eventually have a dead gasoline car they don't run forever??  So no one is saying take the old ones off the road  we're just saying dont make the old ons anymore.... sort of like the transition from 8track to MP3  on a larger scale.  And I dont know about anyone else but when I need more $ for something a work more.. get a second job  do some OT whatever necessary to meet the need.  The bail out plan I think stinks.


  • dlb99
    by dlb99
    February 26, 2009 at 8:19 PM
    Quoting Imma...:

    The crisis is due to SPENDING...

    While cars getting better mileage is a good idea and getitng off foregin oil is too the biggie is DRILL HERE< DRILL NOW...  while at the same time going nuclear.  Did you know that on average the Domestic automaker makes $152 an HOUR due to all their union benefits?  What the domestic auto workers get in health benefits alone makes EVERY car cost $1,200 more.  The 5 people they just put on the board of the domestic car makers don't even drive domestic.

    I don't know about you...but if I am in debt...I don't get out of debt by going and spending more money...HELLOOOOO elementary concept here!

    Another person who really gets it! If only our government would get it too!

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