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A Truce Between Science and Religion
July 5, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Science, religion, philosophy, language...they're all dealing in the realm of ideas, ideas attempting to explain and communicate the observable world, and the exchange of ideas is arguably the way that our human species has progressed as much as it has over tens of thousands of years.

Regarding the level of harm each causes, many would point to religion as having a fata...l flaw, that of relying on untestable hypotheses for authority. Yet the very weakness of science is its inability to test all hypotheses. Historically religion has ideologically bridged those gaps where no objective test is possible.

Yet science has progressively been able to explain more and more of the world. This might give the illusion that no such gaps exist, but they're still there. Einstein was able to help construct a nuclear bomb with science, for instance, but science didn't help him decide whether he should do it or not. Yet it was done, and here we are, now capable as a species to extinguish nearly all life on earth.

Here's to hoping that education and goodwill are extended enough in human civilization to avoid it.



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