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Necrophiliacs Will Use Supreme Court Ruling To ‘Endorse’ Their Marriages
by Friday
July 2, 2013 at 5:38 PM

Necrophiliacs will try to use last week’s Supreme Court rulings that killed DOMA and Prop 8 to “endorse” their marriages, claims Les Kinsolving, the recently-retired White House correspondent for World Net Daily (WND). Kinsolving, who is also an Anglican minister and claims to be “twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize,” wrote a WND column yesterday titled “I’m With Scalia, Not The Zoophiliacs.”

The list of comparisons Christian conservatives have made up to respond to the Supreme Court’s decisions last week supporting the rights of same-sex couples to marry is long, but this one beats even Concerned Women For America’s Janice Shaw Crouse’s claim that the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA last week will lead to a “bleak future” including “imprisonment” for Christians.

Claiming that an America without sexual orientation discrimination “should be an absolute boon for those alternate Mormons who still believe in polygamy – as well as the polyandrous (women who would like to have more than one husband at a time)” Kinsolving writes:

Then, consider the great joy of members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, which was allowed to march – men with their small boy lovers – in gay parades in both New York and San Francisco.

Among the many other alternate sexual orientations that may well be counted upon to cite this Supreme Court decision are:

The incestuous;

Necrophiliacs (providing they properly and healthily preserve the corpses);
Zoophiliacs, who practice bestiality (providing this form of sexual expression is applied only to freely consenting beasts).

The American Family Association Online has noted that the American Psychiatric Association has published 30 sexual orientations, beginning with apotemnophilia (sexual arousal associated with a stump of an amputee), asphyxophilia (sexual gratification from oxygen deprivation) and autogenophilia (sexual arousal of a man by perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman).

Of course, Kinsolving is wrong — way wrong.

“Kinsolving cites the myth – popularized by the American Family Association, a notorious anti-gay hate group – that the American Psychiatric Association recognizes 30 different sexual orientations, including the aforementioned practices, to baselessly push this prediction,” Media Matters reports. “In reality, the association does no such thing. But stubborn things like facts won’t stand in the way of WND and its ensemble of conspiracy cranks, bigots, and homophobes.”


Is this guy for real? I have to wonder at the mental health of people who come up with this BS. Corpses cannot consent, derp.


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