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I Don't Usually Do This, But
May 6, 2013 at 8:39 PM

 I just have to brag on my son!

 This past Saturday my son hit his very first baseball in a game. I'm not sure who was happier, him or me:)

 If you've ever watched the 1989 movie Parenthood with Steve Martin, you will absolutely understand my joy and elation at this moment.  The parents in Parenthood are raising 3 children, the oldest having some emotional problems with high anxiety. Steve Martin is coaching his son's baseball team. At the end of the movie his son finally hits the ball and doesn't strike out.  The moment is full of elation and joy for everyone.

 My son is Autistic and is usually the slowest child on the team. He is the child that runs slower, hit's slower, and throws slower.  Thankfully we've been blessed with some really patient coaches over the past year for soccer, basketball, and now baseball. 

 Everyone at the game on Saturday was on their feet yelling "Run Ry run" and clapping for my child who barely bunted the ball, but hit it nonetheless. His hit scored the only run our team got when the runner on second was able to run all the way home. With tears in my eyes I proudly applauded and soaked in the moment of pure joy for my son. 

 It is small moments like this that make me hopeful for the future. For my son. For every person he may touch. His smile is infectious and his innocence profound.

 Please feel free to brag on your wonderful children here:)



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