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Sick of a**hole Doctors EDITED FOR LATEST UPDATE
February 20, 2013 at 7:23 PM
****UPDATE: 2/25... I had all my tests and NO signs of cancer. I cannot tell you the relief I feel. Thanks for all the good wishes!******

m sick of medical professionals thinking they can pick and choose what to tell a patient. As a nurse, I have been taught the patient has the right know everything.

I had a mammogram about 3 weeks ago ordered by my PCP and asked for my midwife (who does my gyn care) to get a copy. 2 weeks go by and nothing. I think everything is fine. On a Saturday I get a letter from the hospital stating I needed further testing. Fine. I call my PCP on Monday and he says it's nothing. I need a spot compression mammography and us. I said "did they see nodules?" he said "no. The pictures aren't clear. I question him because why would they do a spot compression if there are nodules. Still he says nothing. I now get a letter and call from my midwife saying I have 3 nodules.. 1 in the right and 2 in the left breast. I call my PCP and he said he "didn't want me to worry". WTF?? I went off on him and I'm getting a new PCP.

Sorry for the rant but it pisses me off!

UPDATE: this gets worse. I've had the worst UTI

Of my life this week. I was on 2 antibiotics and finally had to go to the ER on Wednesday night. They did a CT scan to rule out kidney stones. My PCP ( I can't switch yet) said everything was clear. My UTI is still bad so he sent me to a urologist today. He tells " I am sure your doctor told you this but your CT scan showed a nodule

on your left lower lobe. Again he lied! I can't switch until I get these tests done. It will take too long and I want these tests done now. So, now I am going on Monday for all the tests. He said it is probably nothing. I had to insist on the ct of the chest. When this is over, I'm reporting him.

I wasn't that afraid before but am scared shitless now


  • Debmomto2girls
    February 25, 2013 at 7:41 PM
    Thank you it was a huge relief. When they told me, I cried. I am not an emotional person but this scared me.

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