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Cops: Teen mom dumped 3-week-old baby on roadside, claimed abduction
September 30, 2012 at 12:46 PM

I am very upset with this story right now.  Once again, you have a stupid woman (imo she is not a teen) who has a kid and then have another and throws the child away.  I will make some statements which I hope you don't take badly and hey if you wanna accuse me of being a racist, be my guest . I believe anyone can be a racist, even black folks, which I am.  I have a problem with the media trying to portray this poor white girl as a victim, which she isnt.  I hate it when the media portrays white girls as victims (the ones who kill, abandon, molest etc. their kids and they wouldn't do this unless they had a drug, alcohol, mental illness, post partum, was a victim of the same herself), but if the girl is anything else, she is a bitch, whore, etc.  The only exception according to the media is Casey Anthongy.  I can bring up a whole bunch.   She abandoned the baby and lied about it.  To me it says that she does not have post partum(note I believe there is such a thing as post partum depression, there is, I don't do diagnosis based on pictures of how people look or assume that women have it automatically once they give birth, nor do I believe every woman who wants to harm her child have this) , its selfishness and stupidity.  I hate the fact that many on another board (msn) are quick to bring up excuses for the selfish bitch, or to blame the man, whom I don't and from what I understand may be in the military.  They want to blame the family, and I don't.  I believe that crimes are equal opportunity and anybody can commit them.  

 Cops: Teen mom dumped 3-week-old baby on roadside, claimed abduction

By NBC News staff and wires services

A 19-year-old mother has been charged with dumping her 3-week-old daughter along a rural road for 12 hours and lying to police about the baby's whereabouts, prompting an Amber Alert.

Bond was set at $100,000 Friday for Kendra Meaker of Toulon, who was charged in Stark County Court with obstruction of justice and endangering the life or health of a child.

Meaker told a judge during a Friday court appearance that she had no job and no income, and said nothing else.

During the hearing, Sheriff Jimmie Dison told the court Kendra that showed up at his department Thursday morning to report that someone had snatched her 3-week-old baby, Mia Graci Thompson, out of the back seat of her car after she went inside the post office in Toulon, about 30 miles northwest of Peoria, to mail a package.

Illinois State Police issued an Amber Alert on Thursday morning.

Meaker, who also has an 11-month-old daughter, eventually changed her story and told Illinois State Police and FBI investigators she left the baby on a roadside, Sheriff Jimmie Dison said. The baby was on the gravel roadside from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday as scores of police and volunteers searched for her.

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The two volunteer searchers who found the crying child and brought her to emergency workers.

Two volunteer searchers, Russell and Mary Jo Van Dran, said they heard a baby crying as they sat inside their truck and found the child in a culvert just off a gravel road outside Toulon.

"My wife was out of the truck like a shot, cut down there and we had a heck of a time getting the baby out of the grass. She had her fingers interwoven in the grass," Russell Van Dran told NBC station WEEK of Peoria, Ill. "We were just at the right place at the right time. God had a hand in this thing too."

Meaker's aunt, Sandy Hollingsworth of Marseilles, is acting as spokeswoman for Meaker's family.

"This has been a hellish 24 hours that our family has endured," Hollingsworth said.

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The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said the baby was being cared for at a hospital. Meaker's 11-month-old daughter was with relatives.

A telephone listing for Meaker was disconnected. Meaker is next due in court Oct. 12.

Under Illinois' Safe Haven law, parents are allowed to relinquish custody of an unharmed newborn up to 30 days old to personnel at a hospital, emergency medical care facility, police or fire station.

Parents can give up their child anonymously and without the threat of prosecution for abandonment.

This article includes reporting by The Associated Press and



  • la_bella_vita
    October 5, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    Oh my, how terrible : (

  • Bellarose0212
    October 9, 2012 at 7:06 PM

    Nobody likes that this is happening. Of course, it's easy to condemn what these women did because it's reprehensible. But, the question is- what do we do about it? It's much more difficult and much more important to think about that question than to just express your anger and disgust. Of course, we are all angry, sad, and disgusted that these events happen.

    It's just like with pedophiles. I support stricter sentences for pedophiles. Not because I think we need a law to keep normal people from doing terrible things to children, as you keep suggesting, but because I think we need laws to protect children from sick-in-the-head people. Of course nobody should ever hurt a child, but you can't just say that and make it true.

    Do I think more ads for safe haven laws would help? Yes, absolutely I do. Many young people don't know they have that option. Do I think it would stop all harm from coming to newborns forever? No, of course not! But, it's worth it to do something to try to combat this problem in society.

    Quoting valhallaarwen:

    Quoting Bellarose0212:

    I'm not saying that there should have to be laws to deter people from abandoning and harming infants. Clearly, in a perfect world, nobody would ever harm any child including their own.

    However, the fact is, people do abandon and harm their infants and many times it is because they are desperately scared of being found out to have been pregnant for a variety of reasons (abuse, youth, ultra religious parents, affair situation, etc.). Or they are mentally ill. Or they are evil. It doesn't matter what they are, this happens. So, don't you think that because we, as rational citizens, know that it happens, we should take steps to stop it? Yes, most of us would never do this, even if we had a baby under less than ideal circumstances. But, that doesn't change the fact that it happens and if there is an alternative that people know about, at least some babies will be safe.

    I do not know if the woman from this story knew about safe haven laws or if the woman from the other story you mentioned knew about them either. I know that some babies have been saved by them.

    There are currently safe haven laws in 50 states, all enacted at different times. They are relatively new laws. The first states passed them around 1999 and the last states in 2008. "Since the first safe-haven law was enacted in Texas in 1999, all U.S. states, as well as the District of Columbia, have passed safe-haven legislation, and every state has reported lives saved through the existence of these laws. Due to less-than-perfect-reporting methods, we are unsure of the exact number but know that in the past decade, these laws have saved well over 1,000 infants." In Florida (my state), 180 babies have been saved from unsafe abandonment or harm since the passing of the laws. I think that every single saved baby makes the laws a success. I don't know how it is that you don't know when safe haven laws were enacted, but you know that they don't work and that things have gotten worse since they were enacted? I don't think that makes sense. Yes, there are still terrible cases. You aren't going to have 100% effectiveness, but they save some infants and could save more if knowledge of them was more widespread.

    Still, safe haven laws have had relatively little press and most people don't know what they are. Especially young/uneducated/sheltered girls and women. More babies could be saved if there was wider knowledge of them. That's why these stories make me think there should be billboards, TV ads, radio PSAS, school talks, etc. about safe haven laws. They won't make a difference in every case, clearly, but they will make a difference in some.

    What do you suggest to help prevent these abandonment and infanticide? I think safe haven laws are positive laws that have saved babies. The acts of abandonment and infanticide are ALREADY criminalized.

    Yes, you can say, people should know better like I do. Of course they should and of course infants should never be harmed. But, the fact is people don't know better and this happens. So, we, as a society, should take measures to try to prevent it.

    You think I am saying, "she didn't know the law, so that excuses her actions." That's not what I am saying. I have no idea if she knew of the laws or not. I am saying, that the laws help in some cases and would help more if more people knew about them.


    Let me be clear that I do not care if she knew about the law or not, why couldn't she just drop the kid off at the hospital or with family or friends.  I am sick and tired of folks (not you) using the excuse of she didn't know any better or ignorance of the law and didn't know what she could have done.  I don't understand why folks depending on the government with a law in order to protect people.  Why do we need a law to do the right thing?  As I stated, I am 43 and I do not think the state of Louisiana had the law when I was growing up, but I knew what to do if I would have become pregnant oow.  To me too many people are quick to say the following:  she didn't know any better, she too young, she didn't know about the law, she may have a mental issue.  This is what I take issue with:  she's 19, she has another child, and she gets pregnant again and tries to dispose of the newborn. 

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with the safe haven laws, but once again, why do you have to wait for a government agency to tell you what to do when it has been well know for years before these laws were enacted.  It is sad that you have folks on shows who are quick to say oh, well did she know about the safe haven law.  Personally, I don't give a damn if she knew or not, what happened to common sense and knowing right from wrong. 

    Yes, it would be nice to have billboards, etc., but once again, do you think anyone would notice them?  Not trying to be a smart ass, but this is what I've noticed when I am out and about  riding the boss.  I've noticed that people do not notice anything, they are attached to their phones, they are talking and texting. They can do that quickly but they can't pay attention to almost being hit. by cars, buses, other people, lamp posts.  People are very disconnected. 

    I will close by saying this, I almost had a heart attack (not really) when I watched Nancy Grace last night talking about the stupid 14 yo who gave birth and strangled the baby.  She said when she first heard the story, she was upset until she found out the details.  Now she is livid.  That is the type of bullshit that I am sick of, stupid people getting pregnant thinking it's a game and then killing the baby.  And honestly I wish she could be executed for that. 

  • Celtic_Dragon
    October 9, 2012 at 7:13 PM

    I don't think 19 is a teen either. I was pregnant at 19 and had my first at 20. I knew enough not to do this to my child and I loved him too much to do it anyway.

    Maybe she is not all in the head though? I cannot fathom a normally functioning brain being okay with this.

  • hismommy2010
    October 9, 2012 at 8:06 PM

     I wonder if this was her attempt at attention? Yes placing the child there was extremely dangerous , and the child could have died from being placed there... but it makes me wonder what her intentions were? To actually allow the child to lay there and die? Or was she twisted and wanted attention for her child missing?

    These bitches are brainless, heartless and need to be killed. There is no place in our world for people like this. Just start killing all of them that do shit like this, and we will eventually weed out all of the shit bags!

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