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Kristy's updates for 7/11 and 7/13
by Ammie25
July 14, 2007 at 6:13 AM
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5 Days to go!


I am going to be doing ALL the care for Kaleb tonight at the hospital. I am completely comfortable because I know that I can do everything they need me to do. I have picked up on a lot of thing in the last 2 months. I am a lot more comfortable moving him around and I am actually able to pick him up in my arms and sit down all by myself! I know this sounds easy to some of you but it's not as easy as you think. He has a bunch of wires on him still... but the most important thing to worry about is the G tube because it is not all the way secured. Practice makes perfect. I am so motivated for Kaleb. I've had to go out and get a new safe carseat, they all are safe but I guess Britax is the best... or so I have been told. It also offers more head support which is what he need the most. He is still pretty awake.


I am still a little nervous to bring him home. He is so prone to sicknesses now so I am going germ crazy. Kaleb's room has a REALLY old closet unit AC in it and I really do not trust it, I am afraid that it might have mold or mildew around (being as our apartment has FLOODED 3 times. I am not exzagerating when I say FLOODED.) But it has been a while since it has happened, but I still am nervous.


But all of my fears I take to God in prayer and I know that he will guide me through everything. Thank you again for all of the cards, gifts and prayer from all of you. The most important thing is your prayers. Please Please Please continue to pray for my little boy. Pray for any other child that has been abused also. They are innocent and deserve only the Upmost Love and Affection. Kaleb knew before this happened that he was loved. He was the joy of Josh and I's life. I feel like I am bringing him home from him just being born! I ask all of you who have children to just sit with them and TELL THEM how much you love them and WHAT makes them so Special. I did this everynight with Kaleb before he was shaken. I think him knowing how much we loved him helped him live through this.


Friday, July 13, 2007

3 Days to go!


Kaleb is doing GREAT!!! He is moving SO much like for instance when I walked into his room today he had managed to move himself down to the bottom of the crib! He was crying a little bit so I picked him up and moved him back to his pillow and then I rubbed his head and he went to sleep. There was a little step back yesterday. He opened his eyes really big and looked like he was going to throw up (which he does often) but then the nurse thought that because of the way his eyes were moving that he was having a little seizure. I don't think he was but who am I to say that. So I think that they are going to put him on a different seizure med. We'll see how this one goes. He is gtting so long! I am so happy that he is coming home! I could tell you that a million times! I still need to get him swing but that can wait for a while until he is able to tolerate it fully. Me and my Best Friend Nicole got to take Kaleb for a little walk around the hospital yesterday. That was fun... That stoller is HUGE!!!! Kaleb seemed to like it. I am so excited to FINALLY take him home.


Thank you for your continued Prayers and Support! They are very much appriciated. God has def showed his presence in our lives.



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Prayers for Kaleb -sbs support group

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