Come Share the Journey with Us!
May 12, 2011 at 11:49 AM

Your unique path may illuminate that of others at a crossroad; simply looking for personal growth or to nourish their soul with your knowledge and support. A place to share with others, a peek into your soul, and the journey you have taken.

A private place to share things like:
~ Your lessons that you have learned and gained wisdom from such as a mother, wife, lover, activist, friend, survivor. ~
~ Causes that are close to your heart. ~
~ Struggles that you’ve endured and triumphed over. ~
~ Life changing moments that’s been embedded into your soul. ~
~ Information that you feel others should be aware of. ~
~ Your last ‘aha’ moment. ~

The chosen symbol used for Soul Journey is that of a butterfly since this insect undergoes a major transformation process as part of its normal life cycle. Many cultures also view the butterfly as a symbol of joy, happiness, of spring, rebirth, and renewal.

Our chosen motto:

“Life is an open road... You cry, you laugh, you shout, you learn. Life is DIFFICULT but BEAUTIFUL! These are the pages of our life and the endless travel in this beautiful world.” ~ Soul Journey


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