Unique Baby Names

Share your baby name story!!
October 7, 2009 at 9:36 AM

Do you have a story behind your little ones name?  Maybe a fun story about how you and daddy picked the name?  Share your baby name stories here!


  • MaddieReid
    October 6, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    My sons name is Hudson Carter Eli.

    Hudson: Me and the hubby met in NYC when in college and ended our first date at Hudson River, also we found out that we're pregnant when we were in Canada and so Hudson Bay is also a special place for us - plus I really like the name.

    Carter: First of, it's my Grandpa's name. Then it's the name of a Nobel peace prize winner AND the name of one of the best singers in the world (according to my dad) June Carter Cash.

    Eli: Short for Elliot, which is the name of one of my childhood friends who I "signed" a contract with when I was very young and who is still my best friend. It means a lot to me and I love the name Eli.

  • MommiiDearest
    January 29, 2014 at 12:26 AM

    My first son's name is Jace Tezzeret.

    Both first and middle happen to be planeswalkers in my husbands favorite game. Now, his name is Jason, and people often think that is how we got Jace... but it isn't. We're just really nerd haha.

    Our second's [currently preggers] name is to be Gideon. I was just laying on the couch and it popped into my head, and I was dead set. I just knew that was it. My husband was instantly on board, and I should have know then.... Gideon is another planeswalker from MTG.

    We haven't decided on a middle name yet, as I am torn between Zarek and Grimm.

  • acclbentz
    August 16, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    Looks like it's been a while since this has been posted in...but I'll share.

    DD(5) had about 5 different names before we settled on one. Originally she was going to be an Isabel or Isabella, but that was around the time the twilight fad hit, so DH and I nixed it. I heard the name Jessa on the news one night, and had been looking at Chesna (Slavic "Peaceful"). Didn't care for the -na at the end however, or the popularity of Jessa or Jessica...so we ended up with Chessa. Her middle name is after her great-grandma, Jean-Marie. Chessa Jean-Marie.

    DS(3) was pretty much named from the get-go. We'd planned on using William, because it's a strong family name on my side. In the end, we went into labor and delivery with two names...Liam and Corbin. He was definitely a Liam! His middle name was thought up on the spot...Xander is a name that DH liked, and Reed is my grandpa's previous surname. Liam Xander-Reed.  

    We're currently expecting baby #3 in January, and just found out she's a girl :) I've had Dasha/Dascha picked out pretty much since finding out we were pregnant. I didn't care for Daria, so opted for the nickname of it...though, I'm not sure what spelling we'll use yet. So far, everyone we've told her name to has loved it. It's also a tribute to a surname on my side of the family (Dash). As far as middle names go, we're unsure yet. Tonight I decided that I really like Eileen with it (Dascha Eileen-) but that leaves one more middle name to go.

Unique Baby Names

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