new mommies who are pregnant again or TTC already

Alyssa is here..birth story..kinda long..piogs
September 28, 2009 at 8:46 PM

Well, it started on Friday September 18th i went to my Dr. apt. and was told that i was 1cm dialated and i had high blood pressure and my dr. wanted me on bed rest the rest of my pregnancy..and he said "in the mean time if i got any headaches, dizziness or blurred vision go to L&D.."so on Saturday September 19th i got a migraine and some dizziness so i called Dr. and answering service said he was not on call that weekend but his on call Dr. would call me when he did he told me to go to L&D..While there i was monitored in triage and my BP was monitored and was very good..when they were about to send me home i started having the nurse checked me and i was 3cm..checked me again an hour later still 3 and and hour later still they had me walk around for and hour and still no dr. sent me home and said come back if contractions are more regular or water breaks or anything like that..Sunday i was doing cleaning(didnt have to be bed rest cause BP showed good in L&D) and by Sunday night i had had a few contractions but noting bad but then i though my water was leaking so i called that on call dr. again and he told me to go to L&D..when i got there the resident dr. that was there checked me and said i was 4cm..and she said  "ok we are gonna get you back to a room and break your water" i was like "uh, ok, can we wait for my husband first"  (cause he didnt come with my at first cause we wanted to make sure it was the real thing b4 calling his mom to watch the kids) she said "yeah we will wait" then i called hubby and told him it was time and to call his mom..i hung up with him and a few minutes later the nurse came in and was like the resident called the dr. and said hold up on taking me to a room cause he wanted to minitor me a few more hours cause i wasnt showing regular enough then i had to call hubby back and tell him to tell his mom to put comming over on hold..then nurse asked if i wanted to get up and walk so i did..came back to the room an hour later and hubby came anyway..the resident dr came back in and checked me and said i was i was staying and my hubby looked at her and was like "are you sure this time?" lol..she was like "yeah dr said that if she moved to a 5 we could go ahead and get her ready to deliver."  so around 1230 am Monday September 21st i went to a room and the nurse told me i can take a shower if i wanted so i did..then i was hooked to fetal monitor and had my IV started..Dr. came in at 1:10am and checked me i was 6cm and he broke my this point i was still doing really good contractions werent even bothering me just felt like cramping..they kept asking if i was gonna want an Epidurl and i said no..then about 1:30am i started feeling the contractions more and more but it wasnt even in my belly it was way down in my pubic area..and about 2:20am i said i felt pressure and i was checked and was 8cm..and then i had a few more contractions...and about 2:35am i said i had intense pressure and had to push and i was checked and the nurse said i was complete..i kept saying with each contraction that i had to push and of course they told me just breath through it had to wait till dr. got there..dr. walked in at about 2:40 and i said "i have to push can i push??" he said jokingly, "well, hold on a min i need to get my clothes on" lol...then he told me to push and i felt her head right there pushed again out came her head pushed again out came my beautiful healthy 6lb 6oz 19in baby girl at 2:44 am Monday September 21st..No Epidurl or any pain meds.. i didt really feel anything until about 1:30 and then had her at 2:44 so it was like i was only in labor with really bad pain for an hour and 15min...nurse said "u did so good at pushing and i want to thank you, last night we had a woman that had to push for 3 hrs.."  this is baby #7 and i had to be induced with pitocin with all my other babies for one reason or another i was so happy that i didnt this time finally labor all on my own..only intervention was the dr having to break my water..when the dr. came in to see me the next day he said "yeah after 6 you are a pro..i was like "yeah i knew it was time and you were gonna try and send me home.."lol..he was like yeah, you knew"

Mommy showing Mason his new baby sister Alyssa


Mason and Alyssa



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new mommies who are pregnant again or TTC already

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