new mommies who are pregnant again or TTC already

have you picked your hospital yet?? pics included..piog
February 17, 2009 at 10:00 AM

i have had 4 of my 6 children in the one hospital that i love...but my last baby that i had it was that hospital but it was turned into a birthing center connected to the deliver and recover in the same room...and they have a level 3 NICU.(if god forbid i should need it) each baby in the NICU have their own private room to stay in that their family can stay with them....there are only a few level 3 NICU's in the country..they take care of the sickest babies...i am having this baby there also.


The new Aultman Birth Center offers a family-centered environment to make your birthing experience special, while promoting your family's role in bonding with your newborn.

The Aultman Birth Center offers:

  • 30 private suites, enabling you to remain in one room for your entire hospital stay. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate as many family members as you choose.
  • Multiple family zones, to give loved ones places to gather outside your room. Download our brochure to learn more about family support and visitation.
  • Three centrally located operating rooms, for mothers who deliver by Caesarian section, give birth to multiple babies or experience complications during delivery.
  • A "baby lounge" (newborn nursery), where babies can be cared for while their moms rest.
  • Family Education Center, offering educational resources and courses ranging from childbirth to breastfeeding. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants see every breastfeeding mom and are available 24/7.




If your baby arrives prematurely or has other serious complications, the Aultman Birth Center provides an advanced Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our NICU is the only Level III perinatal facility from Canton to Columbus, delivering specialized care for premature and high-risk babies.

Our Mission
The NICU mission is to bring a baby within the family's embrace by nurturing the family's role as caregivers.

Our Philosophy
We believe early interaction between babies and parents is key: it helps shorten the baby's length of stay. Therefore, parents do more than just "visit" their babies in the Aultman NICU - they actively care for and nurture their newborns.

The Aultman NICU offers:

  • Neonatologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and nutritionists who are all specially trained to care for pre-term babies.
  • 25 private patient rooms, so you can stay with and care for your baby. The rooms feature noise-reducing materials and individual lighting and heating controls, to provide a soothing atmosphere for your newborn.
  • A family waiting room complete with a cozy fireplace, children's play area and computer with Internet access.
  • Programs and techniques to help you learn how to care for your newborn


Outside of L&D part of the Hospital

L&D and Recovery rooms

Hallway you walk doen to get to the doors that u buzz in to get to L&D rooms

Another view of the hallway

Family waiting room

Private NICU Rooms where you can stay with your baby


new mommies who are pregnant again or TTC already

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