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Daily Bible Readings 4/18
April 19, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Daily Bible Reading


John Chapter 6


Day 1: v1-15


Day 2: v16-29


Day 3: v30-46


Day 4: v47-59


Day 5: v60-71



For each day's reading ask yourself these questions:


1. What people or situations can you identify with?


2. What verse stands out to you and why?


3. Who will you share this verse or passage with today?


Jot down the verse or the reference to the verse and carry it with you through your day and think about it as God brings it to your memory.



At the end of the day, evaluate:


Who did you share with what you learned?


How many times did you "review" your verse?


What new insights did you gain?


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