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Theme Suggestions! (Updated Post)
by MynTop
December 31, 2010 at 12:34 PM

If you have any ideas for a theme, please suggest it here! We have main contests every week, and mini contests on a daily basis.

Please review the list of what has already been suggested so we don't have a bunch of posts with the same suggestions over and over.

We are going to keep this list up and add ideas as they are suggested.  We will sometimes use these theme ideas for the main contest, but anyone is free to borrow ideas for their mini contests as well! Keep in mind that themes do need to work for a variety of ages! So for example, something like "first birthday" pictures wouldn't work, since ALL the entries would be in the 1 year old categories, and would completely leave out everyone who isn't 1 yet!

Action pictures (pix of them actually moving)
Adventures~.. pics of our kids or family members enjoying an adventure, like a trip to the zoo, beach, or a hike, or camping...etc.
All bundled up
All dressed up
Altered pictures
America's Next Top Model
At the park
Bare Feet 
Bath time
Bathing Suits
Black and White photos
Beginnings - first thing in the morning, first day of school, first day of life, starting out on an adventure, wedding day, even "the first day of the rest of your life"...
Born To Be Wild~.. pics that show our kids being wild, wearing leather or metal spikes, cool shades, or just being wild... and adults too!!
Captions- pictures that you can almost see the perfect caption when you take them.  Editing would be allowed in this one ONLY to add a caption to the picture.
Caught red handed
Caught unaware
Celebrity lookalikes
Characters~With a costumed character (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, etc.) or wearing their favorite character, or with a stuffed animal of a character.
Climbing pictures with a specification of crawling or rolling for babies.  Babies that can't roll yet could be a pic of Tummy Time
Daddy and Me
Dirty Babies
Edits before and after - so that we can see what the picture looked like before it was edited and then the finished product.
Family pictures
Favorites (activities, items, etc)
Flower Power
Friends- real friends, furry friends, stuffed friends
From behind
Games~ could be a sports game, a board game, or even for the babies a game of peek a boo.
Goofy faces
Having fun
High School Superlatives
Hygiene Pictures~Brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing face or hands, etc.
I'm so tired I can't fall asleep
Inside stuff
Kids being creative- making crafts, painting, even that look where they are 'pondering some sort creative thoughts ' I'm sure....
Little grownups
Little helpers
Look-a-likes-2 pics one of the mom as a kid an one of kid
Mini me- being attached or looking just like a member of the family
Mirror images
Mommy and Me
Monochromatic pictures - picture is predominantly one color
Monochromatic pictures - like pretty in pink/boys in blue, but can be any color
Musical Instraments
Nature kids
New Era~ pictures of our kids doing or playing with something that wasn't around when we were that age...IE: playstation, exersaucers, Vsmiles
New Pictures
Old style pics (but of current people, that we take)
Olympics- pictures of them being flexible or doing carwheels, jumping on trampoline, or for babies being in like their walker or jumperoo, etc
On the Phone-Kids and adults are always on the phone talking to there friends and family.
On top of...
Peaceful pictures
Photography~ for those pictures you swear should be an ad somewhere, or belong in a portrait studio...BUT you took them!
Polka Dots, Plaids and Stripes ~ pictures of our kids wearing any of the three (based on old kids song named the same)
Pictures that make you laugh
PJs/Bedtime pictures
Playing outdoors
Potty/diaper pictures
Precious Moments- times when they are being super sweet to their friends, siblings or parents, or times that just melt your heart.
Pretty in Pink/All in Blue
Ride Around- Kids can be riding in a waggon or some things like that. For the older kids and adults they can be riding in the car or on a animal or even on a tractor. There are so many things out there that we ride around in.
Safety First! - pictures of the little ones with good safety practices (seatbelts, carseats, bike helmets, knee and elbow pads, even putting on sunscreen or bug spray would qualify)
Saggy Britches
Selective coloring/color edits
Shapes, Squares
Shy-your kids being camera shy, or shy around a new friend.
Silly Pictures
Sleeping Angels
Something New-Showing your child something new like a new toy or showing them the outside and the feel of the grass or snow, or even having them try a new food or just showing them how to do something new that they have never done before. There are so many new things out there that kids are doing.
Standing out from the crowd - where the subject really just pops out, whether it's selective coloring, a different shirt color, all boys and one girl, that kind of thing!
Stuck in Funny positions
Surprised faces
Thumb/pacifier/something in mouth
Trash to treasure- playing with a toilet paper role, empty milk jug, junk mail, ect...
Traveling (pictures in the car seat, airplane, etc.)
Under the Covers
Upside-down~.. pics of our kids being upside down..like a handstand, being held upside down by a friend or parent, upside down mid-air on a trampoline, etc.
Watery Fun
Worst picture



  • MynTop
    by MynTop
    December 31, 2010 at 12:47 PM

     then and now-pick a then (for example one year ago/at birth for babies, or just as babies) and enter a current picture. 

    Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes


    The Colors of the Rainbow

    5 senses

    Alphabet themes~ one letter per theme (one day would be A, another day could be B) and post pictures that can be described using a word that starts with that letter

    Cool Treats

    Boys in Blue, Girls in Pink

    My Teddy/Dolly (or any other stuffed animal) and Me

    Proud Moments~moments our kids make us truly proud

    Quotes/Phrases~pictures in which a famous quote or phrase would caption them perfectly

    Advirtisements~pictures that look like they could advirtise for a certain product (eg: a child eating from a box of Cheez Its)

    Nursery Rhymes~pictures that look like famous Nursery Rhymes (eg: a little girl in a garden could be Mary Mary Quite Contrary, a little boy in blue or with a horn could be Little Boy Blue)


  • 5FootDevil
    May 11, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Cowboys and Cowgirls

  • johnnys_mom6605
    July 5, 2011 at 11:01 PM
    Pool pics!
    And mid air action shots :)
  • BJAponte77
    February 12, 2012 at 11:43 PM

     Boys/Girls Night Out (daddy, baby boy and other boys or Mommy, baby girl and other girls)

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