Love For Kaleb

Update from Kaleb's mom
by 1yetta
June 28, 2007 at 12:08 AM
A friend of mine had posted this in her journal, so I thought I would post it in here as well.

Peace & Blessings,

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayer So much news. Kaleb is still doing pretty well. He is sleeping and snoring away right now. He is proped up on a Boppy pillow, he seems to like this posistion much better than any. Where do I start? They have stopped giving him the interthecal treatments as of Monday. They still have to have 3 negative cultures from the CSF before we are able to take off all of the isolation gear. But the infection is pretty much gone.I am looking forward to this day. His nurse today seems to think that we should be able to walk in his room with out all of the stuff on by tomorrow. YAY! They also clamped the drain coming out of his brain and started to constently moniter his Intercranial Pressure. This isn't going very well though... His pressure seems to shoot up to the mid 20's which is not good. This is an indication that he will probably have to have an permenate internal shunt put in that drains CSF into his stomach. The Nuerosurgeons have yet to come talk to us about this but the Attending Physicians seem to think this will be one of the next steps. We have yet to get the pH study results either... so we are not sure if they are still planning to do the stomach surgery. I feel very weary about having to put Kaleb through any surgery he dosen't really need, but if it for the best we will ABSOLUTELY do this. He is still having problems keeping his food down so they put the feeding past his stomach and almost to his intestines. Now the Gastro Doctors are talking about not only putting in a G-TUBE (this is a tube that goes directly through the skin into the stomach) but they are alo talking about putting in a J-TUBE (this will go directly through the skin into his intestines). I want to hold him so bad but because of the pressure issue they think that it is better we don't until Neurosurgery figures out what they are going to do =(. My heart is so lonely. I miss my little boy so much. I just want to see him smile at me. Today Kaleb is 7 months old. I miss waking up on Saturday AM and putting Kaleb in bed with Josh and me. Kaleb LOVED this. I know Josh misses taking Kaleb on jogs with him and taking him down to the pool. I miss feeding him baby food in his bumpo seat and him spitting it everywhere. He used to think this was funny. I am going to put up a video of him in his bumpo chair. He is SOO HAPPY in it. Kaleb was always happy. He was NOT a fussy child. He was and still is PERFECT. A lady named Penny emailed this passage to me. It gives me hope and helps me continously trust in God.He will make everything right and will make sure that justice will be done. I have faith in Kaleb that he will beat the odds but most importantly I have faith in God that he will provide the strength needed for Kaleb to accomplish this. I heard the Lord say to me that His people have no clue how to treat prayer. He said we are not completely accepting His Words on prayer. We are treating our prayers like the world treats playing the LOTTO. When people play the LOTTO, especially when the money is higher than normal, they all want to buy a chance to win. They will drive out of state and go out of their way to get at least one chance to win. They will even share in the purchase of a ticket just to get a piece of the prize. He said that we are not true believers when we pray we know there is a "prize" we even know where to go to "buy the prize". We pray and we try to line it up with the Word of God. We take a chance, but when we pray and we "we do not get the prize" we say, it was not HIS will. He said to me, do you and the rest of my people not know I say you are My children???? Children of God do not need to treat prayer as a "chance" to "win the prize". My children have an INHERITANCE. My children do not need to take a chance at their prayers being answered but they need to stay and wait for their inheritance. They need to know that just as if one of their very own family members died today and they saw their will written out with the specific inheritance for them on that paper, they need to know I have written one for each one of My children. I have planned each one of your inheritances from before you were born. I have always had one for you and you are entitled to it. You do not have to pray and give up. Trust that when you are seeking me and asking for wisdom and guidance, I will give it!!! I will give you that. I am putting your prayers into alignment to pray for your inheritance. I am putting it in you. Keep seeking and pray it through. Do not give up. Do not stop and treat it like a chance. This is not by chance. This is My plan for you. I do not want you to receive the inheritance without preparing you. When a person wins the Lotto, they are not ready for it. They do not know how to invest it. They do not treasure it. They do not have the wisdom for it. I am GOD and I will not let My children be that foolish. I will give you each specific inheritances. I have stored up for you treasures. Different treasures. Godly treasures. I am preparing you now. Now is the time that I am developing your character. Now is the time I am strengthening you. Now is the time I am developing relationships to be used in ministries. I am giving wisdom to you. I am giving you more inside of you to use when you receive the inheritance I have planned to give you. You will see the miracles. You will see your prayers answered. You will see the harvest come in. You will see healings. You will see total deliverances. You will have the financial breakthroughs. You will see dead things resurrected. You will be in the REVIVAL!!! AND YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT ALL!!!! You will know how to handle this because where you are now is in the middle of My hands. You are in the middle of MY WILL. You are not doing anything wrong. You have not missed anything. I am your God and you are MINE. My child stay in My Word, sit at My feet. I am loving this time, I am pulling you closer. Come closer and I am going to keep preparing you. Thank you Penny this meant a lot to me and Josh.


  • sisluvsme
    July 4, 2007 at 10:29 PM
    this is so beautiful...and so moving...God is doing awesome things...God bless
  • pattys518
    July 5, 2007 at 8:34 AM
    PRAISE GOD for his wonderful healing that he is given to Kaleb. I just keep praying for strength for Kaleb, and that each day he continues to get better. He is our hope and the most prescious gift that God can give us.
    I pray for you all each day and know that you are truly in our hearts.

    you are all very special in my life.


  • mom52007
    July 7, 2007 at 1:07 AM
    Thank U god for helping Kaleb up to htis point.  Please god keep helping him heal so he can go home with his loving parents in the lords name we pray AMEN.       That stuff penny said was evey every touching it mad me cry.  I have 5 kids so I realy feel for u and ur husband  Please keep me posted on ur son and i will keep praying for u    sending are love and prays to u guysThis flowers are for Kaleb
  • racheltrotter
    July 7, 2007 at 2:34 PM
    this is very touching and meant alot to me. i hope that kaleb gets better soon so that you all can move forward with life. god does miraculous things. he is the giver of all that gives. he will heal kaleb and get kaleb through all this. you have so many people that you do not know that love and pray for your son 24/7. thats how god is letting you know that we are all here for you and we will continue to pray for his health. he is the cutest, sweetest baby and i don't know him so i can only imagine how you feel. i pray for kaleb, you and josh. stay strong for your baby!!!!!!!! rachel from mississippi

Love For Kaleb

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