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Kaleb update 2/14
February 19, 2008 at 2:23 AM

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Praise God!

A lot to write about today! First off Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Kaleb continues to do amazing. Last weekend we had to take him to the ER though. His G-TUbe Site was leaking a greenish colored puss and we weren't sure if it was something serious. While we were there they needed to start an IV on him and as soon as the nurse grabbed Kaleb's arm to look for a vein he started to cry. Then he would look at me and Josh and pout and then look at the nurse as he moved closer to him and started crying again. This was great to see in a way becuase it showed that he KNEW what was going to happen... It is like a cause and effect thing. He REMEMBERED what an IV was! This is AWESOME! This made Josh and I happy in a way. He was fine after they got the IV in. He is a Strong Boy! They ran several test and concluded that what Kaleb had was a topical infection and everything was ok. In fact the nurse said that his labs looked awesome and that he wished his own labs looked that good! Praise God that Kaleb is so healthy now!

He is really starting to communicate what he wants now! For instance Kaleb wants attention all the time now... THIS IS GREAT! Because for a while he would just sit there and sleep or do nothing. He will start bableling(sp) very loudly to get our attention. If we set him down he will pout. If we play with him he will smile! He is doing more things that are typical of normal babies now! Cognatively he is at the age of 2-3months. Which is a step up because when we brought him home he was at a newborn level.

When we went to tthe hearing the other day Kaleb was so fussy and unhappy near the court room. He seemed very uncomfortable and unhappy! As soon as we left though he stopped and he was fine. It was so weird! It was almost as if he sensed HER near by and was scared and uncomfortable. Speaking of this... Nothing is happening in the trial, in fact it is very frustrating. Nobody has been deposed... The state said they were ready to go to trial but the defense says they "are no where near ready to go to trial". Sorry I can't tell you more. My guess is that we will be in trial by oct. 2008 which is a crying shame! I did find out however that me and several other of my family members will not be able to be in the court room at all during the trial because we are witnesses. So when the time comes I hope that there will be people who are willing to come and show there support for KALEB and our family and who are seeking JUSTICE in what happened to him.  I pray to God that the person who is responsible for this is truthful to herself and that God will open the jury's eyes to see what happened on May 9.

People keep asking how I am feeling. I am very tired!! More tired than I have ever been! I go Monday for an ultrasound but it still might be too early to tell the sex yet. I am feeling little flutters. My stomach continues to grow!!! I am hoping that I don't gain as much weight as I did with Kaleb. I have severe back pain all the time and Josh has to give me back rubs several times a week. We are so thankful for this pregnancy!

We are so thankful for all of your support during this very difficult time. Thank you for praying for Kaleb so faithfully! God is def. hearing us! Kaleb is our miracle! 

Please pray that the truth will be revealed in the end and that there will be a long prison sentence for the person responsible. We have posted new pictures also.


  • helen185
    March 11, 2008 at 5:04 PM
    it was so nice to hear how Kaleb is doing, and im so glad hes doing well, any improvement big, or small, is a good and welcome sign for you all.
    I hope everything continues to go well for you all and i hope you get your wish and that awful woman owns up to what she did, and if she doesnt we can only hope and pray that she get s her just rewards anyway.
    Give Kaleb a big hug from me and my family and good luck and best wishes to you all
    Love Helenxx

Love For Kaleb

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