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December 30, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Pit of doom!  I'm so excited!  We started calling it the pit of doom when we tore out our falling apart deck a couple of months back.  Basically all of the old board which were splintered and had nails sticking out every which way were thrown into a pile off of the side of the deck.  

My brother brought his dump trailer over and hubby is getting rid of the pit right now!

Our deck before...

yeah really safe right?

this board was screwed over a hole.  I stepped there and my foot went right through the deck.

ignore the fridge our old one had just died


no falling through here!

there will be a door going straight into the living room and a step here.  But no more kids falling down the really steep hill just to the right of this.

I'm so happy this is done!


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