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Ha take that I won!
December 3, 2012 at 6:29 PM

I have been battling with my son's insurance company over a medical bill.  The doctor told me not to do the test unless it was covered by insurance so I called and asked if that test was covered by that lab.  They assured me it was.  I even called the lab because it said a 20% downpayment was required but my son's insurance doesn't require me to pay that much.  They said they didn't require it with that insurance.  So I did the test and mailed it off.  Then came the $460 bill saying they were a non-participating provider.  What???  That's why I called and asked in the first place!

So I called the insurance company and they refused to pay saying the agent never checked to see if the lab was covered.  There was no record of me asking.  I filed a dispute and they refused it.  Someone told me to call the managed risk board so I did.

They listened to the call record and found that I did ask, the agent just did not listen or check.  They heard me ask at the end of the call if that test at that lab was covered and the agent say yes.

Guess who has to pay?  Not me!  The insurance company!  Yay!


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