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Obsessive Thoughts
April 10, 2013 at 1:46 AM

Hi everyone. My name is Jen and my dd is fifteen and has aspergers. She is in 10th grade, in the honors program. Since starting high school, she has suffered from distractions which affect her ability to concentrate. It affects her grades and seems to be getting worse.

I would like to know if any of you have had experience with this, and if you know of anything that can help her.

Certain sounds, such as chewing or whispering, distract her. We sort of solved that by getting ear plugs, and she can listen to the radio on her phone in some classes, with ear phones.

The worse problem is her obsessive thoughts. Growing up she has always had certain words that invade her thoughts. The latest word is "tritanope". She is proud of herself when she can go all day without saying it, but it still monopolizes her thoughts.

Here is what she posted on Facebook today:


I have problems. I can't stop thinking about tritanopes. And I have no control over it. All day. Every day. EVERY KLINGONLICKING SECOND. Right now, I'm thinking about tritanopes. My performance in school has drastically declined because of this. I had nothing below 89%, and now I'm getting 77% in most classes (except Chemistry which is 97%). Why? TRITANOPES. I can't focus on anything at all because I go right back to the infinite tritanope loop. I can't remember formulas or information even if I know it because when I try to recall, I get tritanopetritanopetritanope. I can't put anything in logical progression because tritanope and I try to say things but tritanope and then I forget where I was. I can't focus on tests and then I do terribly, because instead of thinking about calculations I end up writing "tritanope" nonstop and all over my test. I can't hold a conversation very long because it always goes to tritanopes, and if it can't go to tritanopes, I go all distant and thinking about tritanopes nonstop. I can't listen to lessons because I drift off and think about tritanopes the whole time. 


As you can see, she is really tortured by this.

If anyone knows of a treatment to help her concentrate, I would appreciate your input. I have heard that Aderall helps people with ADHD focus, and I wonder if would help in this instance. She isn't on any medication at all yet.


Autism / Asperger's / PDD Support

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