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Getting frustrated being the only sense is what "I" make...he's so tyrant-like
by okijet
January 2, 2013 at 8:13 AM

I'll call him the boss, but for better cafemom etiquette, his title is husband.  And children's father.  Here's the problem and my dilema.

Today we are having a nightmare already.   It's today, new years day after.  As children go to school after a holiday it's torment.  Here is our torment plus add 1,000 toments.   Our children absolutely hate school, and I feel it's best to homeschool.  Their father isn't so inclined to side with homeschooling.

He says it's not socializing, and I've seen tons of children become better at things by staying home doing their studies, not being caved by over routined chaos from hating schedules and school programs.  Here is my idea.   Home schooling is approved, it's free, it's relaxed and no schedules are necessary except that the children have their homework done and locked into the system (computer) by 12:00 midnight, or it's a fine,   That seems pretty terrific if you ask me!  I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I was young and remember that being home was all I considered fun.  School was a death sentence.  I was scared, fragile, easily hurt, felt tormented getting up, and now I encourage them to do well and with all the backing I give my own children it's as though it was never done.  Like I've just evaporated right in their lives.  Even though I am more than available for homework, studying, meals, rooms are clean and they just hate school but go ...with hearts broke and crying inside.  Their faces and attitudes really show, ....they hate school.

The teachers try to say that they are better learners with structure and then when we see the grades I see otherwise.  (mostly by the male children)   they seem tough to teach . 

What is your view on homeshool and please try to support any side your sincere about because it's helpful to me on either side.

By the way their dad is so unwilling to have them home since he believes it decays the mind and hurts them not nurtures.  I see it the opposite and we differ so it's impossible to support them when he is against my idea, even just one time. Never EVER listens.

Thank you for your sincere insight and if I'm wrong then I'll thank you!  We all learn in surprizing ways.


  • lil_mama06
    January 5, 2013 at 7:35 AM

    I currently homeschool my 2 youngest. Check to see if your town or a town close has a homeschool group. Ours meets once a week, but has classes for the older kids (high school) as well. I also have children in public school and they seem to love being there. When my eldest was in the 4th grade (she's 20 now) she had tests run. A child psychologist, principal and teacher had a meeting with us and stated Briana had school  phobia and recommended her homeschooled. (Yes, you read that right) So Bree was also homeschooled. There were times she wanted to just mess around and not do any schooling, but we made up for those days. I have a 3rd/4th grader and a Kinder right now. I do head of the class and there's free lapbooks you can do. I'm also throwing in a bit of the Waldorf style learning. Homeschooling IS challenging in the way that you have your kids around you 24/7..But to see the light in their eyes when they get the concept your teaching them and the pride= nothing better. There is a homeschooling group on here as well. Good Luck.  

40ish and beyond...

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