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Public school failing my gifted child *some minor language since repeating the bullies*
November 25, 2012 at 6:29 PM

My son was bored in Kindergarten. I thought I would start with that shocker. What kid would be bored in kindergarten? Apparently mine was because he said it was too slow and he wanted to know more. My husband and I took his education in our own hands since last year to keep his thirst of knowledge satisfied. He was also bullied really bad in kindergarten and we tried to work with the teacher on this but she tried to blame my son. She didn't even bother to look at him and said it was too early to tell if he is accelerated. Fine, whatever. The teacher was complaining that he didn't know anything and was failing all of his classes and low scores. Then he can't sit still... turns out my son was messing with her because he was bored. He told me basically he was toying with her during the tests.

This year he was skipping to school because he loves learning and school. Two months into the school year he starts telling me he hates school and wants to be stupid. WHAT?! So I had a parent teacher conference with his new teacher. I expected the same attitude and was kind of on my guard. Turns out he was ahead of the class on all subjects and he is being bullied by two students. The teacher was more than willing to work with me on this. A month in my son shows up with bruises on his body and pretends like he can't read. I finally bribe it out of him with a doughnut that there is a little girl in his class who is physically abusing him and calling him stupid and ripping his books out of his hands while he is reading and telling him he isn't allowed to read because he is a stupid fuck. Yeah, first grade.  My son is reading Dr. Seuss books with ease to us and his favorite bed time stories are Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and wants us to start reading Jules Vern to him next. Math comes really easy to him as well. So back I go to the school to talk to them. They test him and he lands in the gifted program but the public schools gifted program is still too slow for these kids and they refuse to jump him a grade because they are worried he will be bullied more by the other students. So my son is being held back because of bullies yet again! This has been frustrating the hell out of me and the teacher because we are running out of ideas within the school. So my son comes up to me and tells me he wants to be home schooled. My seven year old wants to be home schooled. I found a great online school with an adjustable curriculum. I talked to my husband and we found a few awesome robotics programs at the local rec center, talking to the public library about their programs for home schooled children, and looking around more for different idea's to help feed his ever growing hunger. That way if they tell me he is at the second grade level I do not have to worry about my son being bullied by other kids at home. My husband was the same way as a kid and the public school almost failed him as well. My mother in law pulled him out and home schooled him and man my husband is so very smart. He graduated from college with honors as well and was on the dean's list the whole time he was in school.

Now I am looking at the online schools and they are telling me that the enrollment is closed for the year. What to do? He just wants to continue his education but he just cannot take it anymore at the public school. 


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