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November 20, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Hello! My name is Jeanne and I am really wanting to remove my child out of the public school system and begin home-school next year. Will be 7th grade. If anyone has any information on the best least expensive home-school programs, laws and what I need to do to start getting prepared, I would so appreciate it. I have been searching the Internet and, of course, there are so many web pages with dos and don'ts, use this program but not this one, and so on. I want a good academically, christian based program that I won't have to take large loans out for. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you 


  • Skirtgirl
    December 7, 2012 at 2:25 AM
    As stated you can check your states regulations for homeschooling. While some are strict others are not so strict.

    As homeschool moms we all feel our curriculum is the best so with that said mine are the best! Okay maybe not!!! :-) but I have used - rod and staff, switched on school house, abecca, math u see, and bob jones. All of these are really great!! But the key is you have to research it out for yourself and find the perfect fit for your child and budget. I will advise to get catalogs, most curriculum companies will have these, then prayerfully consider them all. Charolett Mason is a Christian based free curriculum that a friend of mine uses and loves it. For my boy, it doesn't work so well. :-) which is why I have switched so much - trying to find the proper fit for my son. That does not mean you will be doing the same. In fact most moms find a good one the first or second time around. Find some good homeschool blogs that can help you. My friends, mindless Plug warning, is joyfulsockmom. She gives wonderful advise.

    Best of luck to you. Most of all do not stress too much! Oh and find a homeschool group in your area as well. Sometimes those moms can be really helpful!

    Let us know how you do!!
  • starbeck96
    December 9, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    This is our first year HS.  I have 2-9th graders and one in kindergarten.  For my youngest we chose Abeka.  I bought as much as I could on ebay.  For the 9th graders we kind of used the pick and choose method. 

    We used Abeka for Algebra 1, health, English, Spelling/vocabulary, and World HIstory (which we are not really happy with).

    Abeka is christian based, but can be on the pricey side, which is why I bought about half of it from ebay.

    For science we tried Apologia (which is very good) but it just had too many experiments so we then changed over to Lifepac.  They really love this.  They like it so much, we are considering using it for every subject next year.  It is christian based.  You can get 5 the subject bundle for 7th grade for 271.00 on http://www.christianbook.com/ .

    Christianbook.com has lots of HS options.  I would definitely try it out.  You can also try ACE HS curriculum.  I've heard it very reasonable and it christian based.  I know several people in my area that use this curriculum. 


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