Oprah Review
May 26, 2011 at 12:54 AM

Ok Ill admit Im one of those moms who has watched Oprah for years. She helped me thru a rough spot in my life actually several. I have to say if you have watched her every now and then you may have thought today's show was boring. I on the other hand didn't. Basically what she was doing with her show today was a love letter to anyone who has ever watched her. It was her last lesson for her show.

  To sum it up in a few words she said we don't need to be rich and famous to help people, to be human, to be compassionate, loving, and reach  those in need. We can do it from wherever we are at. Online, a classroom, a job, even to our  neighbors. To me that is probably the best thing Ive heard all day. You touch everyone who you come in contact with. And Just be YOU!

Hey some of you may not like her, May have never seen her show, But I have to say this woman has and still has some major balls. When other people didn't want to go there she did, she put a spotlight on Education, on the importance of reading, Child molestation and over coming it, But most of all she helped many people wake up and just love themselves.

So hate her or not what she said today is true, You dont have to be famous or rich to touch someone. Anyway ladies thats my review for OPRAH. 2 thumbs up!


  • Chibi_Kitten
    May 26, 2011 at 10:00 AM

     I agree with the message! I've watched her here and there but I know a ton of people who love her! She always gives it to you straight, no bullshitting and she's very hoenst!


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