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annerversy ideas !!!
December 15, 2008 at 11:55 PM

ok i now its not coming up (july 2) but im tryin to plan something big well not real big but big enough to start planing. this is a lil rough thought it just hit me a few secounds ago so any input or sugestions would be great!!!

ok this is wat i have up my sleeve lol its goin to be a little drive down memory lane of sorts

the mornign of our annaversy im goin to get up early and take the kids to the gparents house. im goin to leave hubby a lil note explaning wat is goin to be goin on and the first place he should go here is the list so far:

mc donalds; this is where we first met and the first place we had sex lol

the local movie theater; this was our first offical date together with my mom nowing we watched national treasure

sba hosiptial; here i had both my kids one before marriage and one after but im just goin to put the two together

the park; this is where he asked me to marry him.... he said close your eyes now you wanna!!! im totally serious

his parents house under our special tree; this is the tree that we got married under adn is tryin really really hard to have it in our front yard... brings in hole new issue

after that not sure where else to go

now in the notes im goin to be giving him wat i remember a lil hint to wat is goin to be happening that nite and the next place to go. but i like i said its a lil rough i just thought about it a lil while a go and im tryin to bet out last two annerversy our first we went to a wierd all concert and our secound we just stayed in so any imput and suggestions would be greatly appaciated


  • davids--mommy
    December 16, 2008 at 12:13 AM

    your idea sounds so cute! me and my husband didnt have a wedding cake (we got married in vegas and we had ordered one but the stuff got all mixed up so we didnt get it) so on our first anniversary i decorated the dining room like a mini reception and got a mini cake and had them decorate it like a wedding cake....then we had a candle light italian dinner (haha also part of what was supposed to happen after we got married we had planned on going to an italian resuraunt but i was preggers and sick) but it was nice to have this recreation of what should have happen ....this last year we just went to a nice dinner without the baby : (  at olive garden and he got me a card (being that our anniversary falls right near the holidays we are always broke haha

  • sexymomma_88
    December 17, 2008 at 11:38 AM

    awww thats how we are most of the time broke last yr we just stayed home adn had dinner together with out the kids... i think im goin to do the same thing just a quit dinner at home i can get the house ready while he runs around town lol

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