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Why We're Here, a.k.a. Group Policy and Guidelines
January 21, 2008 at 10:34 AM

The Asian and Pacific Island Families Forum was created for Moms to come together to celebrate Asian heritage and culture (whether they are Asian, mixed-Asian, married to an Asian, or have adopted Asian children), to find support, and to share their experiences.

This group is NOT intended to be a place for inciting drama. There are plenty of other groups on CafeMom that were specifically created for people that thrive on drama and anyone actively seeking drama are asked to look elsewhere.

We would like to point out some of the group's guidelines:

  • Personal Attacks are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • It's OK to address a post, but DO NOT ATTACK THE POSTER.
  • Cross-Posting of general information, resources, and current events is allowed.
  • Cross-Posting of Conversations is NOT ALLOWED, including opinions unpublished in other areas, unless with express permission by the author. This includes posts from journals, groups, or private messages.

If you have read something on another group that you would like to discuss here, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE CONTENTS OF THE POST. Instead, you may post a link to that post here and ask people to go and read that post and comment on it here. If the comments were made on a private group, then the contents of that post must stay private, no matter how inflammatory. If you are really upset by something a person has posted on another group, you can report them to the group owner or administrators of that group and to the Cafe Team. Likewise, if something that has been posted here in the API Forum has made you uncomfortable or upset, DO contact the group owner and administrators. DO NOT make personal attacks on the poster!

The owner and administrators of this group appreciate all the wonderful women who have joined all of the discussions here. You are the ones who have made this group as successful as it is. We want this group to continue to be a warm, supportive, and fun place to be. We sincerely hope that you will help us keep it that way.

Thanks so much!

christinaliu, Group Owner

NaiNaiMom, Group Administrator

sddamd, Group Administrator

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