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Patient care technician classes... is it worth it??
February 3, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Well heres my problem, im working at the bank part time and i need a new job! Obviously the medical field is my first choice becuase jobs will always be available where ever iam, so i decied to take Patient Care Technician classes they train you in CPR,CNA,HHA,PCA,EKG,PHLEBOMOTY (sp),etc, so i can bascially get a job in anyare,wheather it be a hospital,nursing home,or Drs office,the class its 3,500 but I just wanted to know if anyone thought it was worth it? Im juss afraid of leaving the bank and making the same or less money and doing 2times the work, my first choice would be the hospital, but i just wanted to know if anyonw thought it was worth the money or time...


  • mummaofsbe
    March 5, 2009 at 11:01 AM

    As for myself I think it would be worth it.  There is definitly job secruity.  And the job is so rewarding.  When I took the CNA class it only cost a total of about $350. But I can only work in nursing homes, or jobs similar.  I need more training to work in CBRFs, or the hospital.  I am limited in my options.  You on the other hand would have alot of choices.  My wages went from about $9.50 an hour as a Dept. Supervisior at our local department store to almost $15.00 an hour  doing what I do now.  

    And this line of work is more physical, but you also have "lifts" that do the heavy work.  And your coworkers will be there to help with things you can't manage with one person.  

    I have to admit.  When I was a dept store supervisior I work by myself.  I loved it.  It took some getting used to, to let my partner help me with my residents.  But I adjusted very quickly.

    That's another thing I love about this job.  For a mother of 3 children under 8 I love the "grown up/ girl talk" of work.  I have a little bit of a social life now.  

    Well I could go on all day.  Hope that helps a little.  Have a fabulous day.


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