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TVI Global Assist Team Build for TVI Express Only $37!!! No Recruiting Necessary!
November 16, 2009 at 5:23 PM


Our Team Is Pushing More People Through
TVI Express For That *$10,000 Cash
Than Any Other Team In The World!!

Why is that?

Because our system is designed to help everyone, regardless
of their marketing or recruiting abilities.

We give everyone a way to get into TVI Express starting
with only $37 instead of $250. We also insure that
everyon*e on our team has 2 referrals before we even join TVI.

It's NUTS how fast our TVI Global Assist Team Build is growing!

Our system eliminates the recruiting issue entirely!

It also makes this affordable to just about everyon*e. We
are bringing in masses of people.

So, if you can't recruit, no problem!

If you can't get your 2 by advertising, as a backup plan,
you can buy 2 referrals for $20 each and we guarantee
those referrals for you. That makes your total  cost
only $77 but that's still a far cry from $250.

And when your 2 referrals cycle, and they WILL cycle,
you get that $40 right back.

Remember, those referrals are yours for life. They will
continue to follow you in our 2x2 and all the way through

When you cycle out of the Feeder Program twice,
you will be entered into TVI Express with a fully
paid position.  Your two personals will follow you!
This will earn you 10,000 dollars each time you
cycle out of TVI.

Do You Want to cycle monthly on TVI Express?
Check us out we will blow you away!!

When you cycle out of the TVI Global Assist Team
 Feeder Program twice, you will be entered automatically
into TVI Express with a fully paid position and your two
personals will follow you!  This will earn you $10,000
each time you cycle out of TVI.

After that, each subsequent cycle that you make in
TVI Global Assist Team  Feeder Program will pay
you $140 dollars into your Alertpay account (100 as
you cycle, and 20  each for your two personals).  You
will cycle over and over again with the SAME 6 people!

If you can recruit and get more than 2 people, starting
from your third person, they will spillover to your downline
and you'll receive a $15 Sponsorship Bonus!

So now you're earning from BOTH TVI Express &
TVI Global Assist Team!

Click here to join TVI Global Assist Team today!

I'm looking forward to being your Partner in Success!

Claire & David Pegram

P.S. If you want a home-based business, but don't
know how to advertise online, let me know when
you join, and I'll give you personalized one-on-one
training which includes our "Getting Started Guide"
eBook as a FREE bonus for you.


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Work at Home Sweet Home

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