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New here...these are my stories.
March 28, 2011 at 3:25 AM

Hello ladies,

My name is Kayla. I first time got pregnant like you hear in the movies. Prom night April 2009, lost the virginity. 1st boyfriend. yep that's me. I wasn't ashamed because i had a feeling my bf at the time was the one. Well i ended up pregnant, told him i thought i was pregnant and I would take a test and let him know. Well i took a test, it came back negative. So i told him. didn't think anything of it. but the next month my mom asked if i had gotten my period yet or not and i told her no. so i made an appointment with my Dr and they did a blood test and come to find out i was already in my 2nd trimester. lovely. so i called my bf on the phone, told him i was in need pregnant. he freaked on me. I lived over 1000 miles away from him. how was it going to work...well i went to see him on our 1 year anniversary. showed him the ultrasound pics. he asked me if it was a boy or a girl. I told him I didn't know yet because I haven't had that appointment. well i was at his place for 2 weeks. everything was going great....til one night i wasn't feeling the best so I laid down and he went to run a few errands. well he came home drunk off his butt, and high as a cloud. needless to say i asked him why he was gone for so long, and he replied he had a few drinks at his friends. i was ok i am going to bed. you can sleep on the couch, i am mad and I don't want you around me. i guess i set him off because next thing you know he hit me on my face and i was trying to get down the stairs. he ended up kicking me and i fell down the 1.5 flights of stairs. landing directly on my stomach. he calls the ambulance for me because i was bleeding all over my head from hitting my head and my pants were wet. I was numb, I could not feel a thing. they arrived, asked me where I wanted to go, I told them I was from out of state and that I didn't care. my bf atm stayed home. he didn't even follow me to see if i was ok. needless to say I ended up with stitches in my head and a hairline fracture in my pelvis...but I kept asking about my baby. was it ok. thats when I got the worst news possible. that the fall had killed the baby. I was 26 weeks pregnant at that time.  they enduced labor,  I pushed for 20 mins and finally got to know i was having a girl. They wrapped her up, cleaned her off, and gave her to me for 5 mins. that was all. then they took her away and that was the last I saw. I ended up just having my bf atm burry her. I will go up once a year and go to her grave but I regret leaving her there. I wish i could have brought her home. I named her Jadia Rose.

My second pregnancy was cut short, very short. I found out I was pregnant july 24th, 2010. My bf and I were so happy. It was also the day he let me pick 3 rings for my engagement ring and he went back later and picked out of the three the one he was giving me.  We waited a few days before telling my mom. she was furrious about it. but I told her, that I was about 6 weeks pregnant and that I was so happy. she ignored me for a few days but started warming up. I called my dr and made an appointment for August 4th, 2010. my df and i went to the appointment, had everything done except for an ultrasound. on the 8th of august my family went to my uncle's to tell him that we were pregnant and super excited. he was also furrious and told us we had to get married right away. well that wasnt going to happen. my 5yo cousin was excited beyond reason and was running up and down the yard screaming "my cousin is going to have a baby!". we started laughing. well that night, not sure if it was from the stress or what but I started bleeding, I went to the bathroom and saw a tiny ball floating in the water. I ran out of the bathroom crying, I told my mom I was bleeding and she told me to relax, dont stress. yeah easier said then done...I ended up going to the hospital the next day and they made me wait 4 hours to find anything out. they did an u/s and basicly said it was a threatend miscarriage and that if it sticks it will get better and if it doesn't stick then the worst part will start in a few days. needless to say August 10th, 2010 I went to a dr apt for my back and I used their toilet and my baby was there...I freaked, I had to way of scooping my baby up. I just fell on the floor crying. my df had to have the receptionist unlock the door, and he had to carry me out because i was so weak and crying. I was about 7-8 weeks along. we named it Taylor Avery.

sorry for the long post or if some of it doesn't make sense. its late here.


  • Iluvmyshortcake
    March 28, 2011 at 6:24 AM
    I am so sorry for both of your losses. Will be thinking and praying for you!
  • lasombrs
    March 28, 2011 at 7:31 AM
    i am so so sorry for your losses. Esp your first. Your family should call the cemetary where your daughter is. It is possible to have her transfered to a different one closer to you. My grandma had it done with her husband. It costs some, not sure how much, and she needed a priest at each site which was just a donation. *hugs* and i hope you pressed charges
  • Kayla2013
    March 28, 2011 at 1:42 PM
    Charges pressed but dropped. he later got what he deserved. he fled and eluded. had his car rolled and totaled. thank you ladies.
  • Txmommy13
    March 29, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    Im so sorry for both of your losses.I cant even imagine having to go through such a traumatic event ever,let alone at such a young age.I had my 1st dd at 17 and it was a rough pregnancy but our little fighter pulled through.I had our 1st m/c at about 9wks and it was very hard emotionally.Again im sorry for your losses.Im here if you need to talk

Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss Support

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