I am interested in home parties!

65 places to leave a catalog
by ahalisa
September 24, 2008 at 2:55 PM


1. doctor's offices
2. dental offices
3. mechanics waiting rooms
4. laundromats
5. college campuses
6. public waiting rooms
7. libraries
8. hair Salons
9. tax preparation offices
10. orthodontist offices
11. insurance Shops
12. dry cleaners
13. ice cream shops
14. bagel shops
15. donut shops
16. deli's
17. ATM machines
18. veterinarians offices
19. nail salons
20. day care centers
21. retirement homes
22. model new home centers
23. real estate offices
24. corner stores
25. magazine holder at check out aisle
26. with your tip at a restaurant
27. tool booth clerks
28. grocery store clerks
29. video stores
30. dressings rooms
31. bank tellers
32. shoe stores
33. kids resale shops
34. gymboree centers
35. temporary staffing offices
36. flowers shops
37. restaurants
38. pet stores
39. dance studios
40. grocery store bulletin boards
41. mortgage offices
42. computer stores
43. school administration offices
44. fabric stores
45. bakeries
46. print shops
47. car dealerships
48. tanning salons
49. health food stores
50. with sales personnel at any store
51. senior activity centers
52. walk-in medical center waiting rooms
53. credit unions
54. post offices
55. park benches
56. bus stops
57. pharmacies
58. bowling alleys
59. gas stations
60. movie theater lobbies
61. print shops
62. furniture stores
63. any store or office you pay your bills at
64. any place where there are woman receptionists or secretaries
65. telephone answering services.


  • partigal
    January 2, 2012 at 3:45 PM

    Dear Friend,

    I have only just started working for the BodyShop At Home and am looking for females who would love a party or ppl that would like to browse. I found this list very helpful and a great stepping stone to places I could ask to leave Catalogues. Please may I ask what  Catalogues you do?

    I would be very greatful  if you could give me advice or point me in a good direction for finding ppls interest.

    Chat soon


I am interested in home parties!

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