I am interested in home parties!

To book or not to book ---- that is the question.....(it's all about your attitude!!!)
by ahalisa
September 24, 2008 at 2:53 PM

No matter what your business, it does not matter if your product is home decor, jewelry, cosmetics, books, candles, insurence, wellness products.....ect............... - it is all about your attitude  - I hope this inspires you the way that it has inspired me and my team :)

IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE!!!   (2 ways you are percieved)

  Way # 1  ~ The attitude you want: This is my business.I'm excited about these homewares and want everyone to see them and have them..I also make money and this is my job. I have a schedule to keep and a goal of x shows a month in order to meet my bills. I love what I do. My schedule is full---I need folks to join my team. I'm booking shows for the next three - six weeks...and if you act today you can get in. I'm a success and if you jump on my bandwagon you will be too whether you're a customer, a hostess or a new consultant.

 Way # 2 ~ Attitude you don't want---I'm just a poor little consultant trying to make this thing work so I don't have to go get a real job. I really need a show ----will you please, please have one for me so I can keep going just a little bit. I need the money and maybe you'll get some free stuff if enough people come. I can do a show for you anytime in the next year.my calendar is empty.I'm free..name a date, any date---no one else is doing anything so you can choose. Please.
See the difference?    Which one are you???   I WAS a 2 when I first started but now I am a 1 and my how my business has grown!    I would love for you guys to e-mail me back and let me know where you are so I can help you!!

Another common question - What if my warm market (family and friends, are not supportive??)
This dilemma is one that does occasionally happen. We think that our family and friends will be supportive in our new venture, and when we need them, they all back out.

Thing is, it may be the approach thats the issue rather than that no one really wants to help. Not for all, but sometimes when consultants start out they are "needy" so their presentation sometimes goes like this:

I just started with XYZ company and I need to get rolling, will you have party for me?

whoops - nothing in it for them...its all me me me

so the best approach is something along the lines of...

I just started with XYZ company and I am so excited. I get to give away free and discounted products to those interested. On top of that, I love to do it in a theme party setting where friends can get together, have a fun night, play games and win some free stuff too! Who do you know that would be interested in getting her pick of free items just for having a "Death by Chocolate Night? Margarita Night? Ice Cream Social Night? Christmas in July Party?

Now thats the ticket! Tell them whats in it for THEM and then let them offer themselves to you, because who wouldnt want free and discounted stuff, especially when there in no "time share" demonstration to commit to!

Have a blessed weekend!    ~ lisa


  • SlumberChic
    December 30, 2008 at 10:55 PM


    Thank you for sharing this information. You did it for no other reason than to help others and I wish there were more people like you out there! I'm a Personal Consultant with Slumber Parties and what ever you do I'd host a party for you! Thanks again!

     Cheryl Watford



  • DoveChocolate
    May 28, 2009 at 8:57 AM

      I have heard from some, No one will book a party, What Am I doing wrong?

    No one has any extra money to spend,we are in a recession, and the list goes on and on.

    yes you are right its an attitude thing, Its getting them out there safe mode into treating it like a business.


       Dove Chocolatier

      Its My Sweet Life

I am interested in home parties!

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