I am interested in home parties!

2 Great Program for 2013! One Is Only $9.99 Onetime! Earn $5 Over & Over Again! I Will Help You Achieve Success!
December 31, 2012 at 3:13 AM
Hello CafeMom's,

2013 is fast approaching and I don't know about you but I want to be VERY prosperous in the upcoming year!

I have 2 programs that I'm gong to be promoting for now.  The first program is called Reserved Position - I just signed up for this one but I plan to promote it big time over the next several months.  Many people are doing very well with this low cost program!

Only $9.99 one-time - a one-up system that pays you $5 per each new referral plus all the people that will be passed up to you!  Only 2 referrals and you are in profit!  (and I will help you get your 2 people) Check it out here:


The 2nd program is called Banners Brokers - I've been doing this one since March 2012 and have earned just about $2,500 with very little effort.  Now that I really see how much is to be earned with this program I plan to really promote it in 2013.

This one has a little bit of a learning curb but its so simple to make money with it...its impossible not to make money with this one!  It has packages that start as low as $25 and go up to $3,655!  Here is a video I found on youtube that puts what we do in a very simple format for people to under stand.  NOTE  - THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO SO PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FROM ANY LINKS ON THE YOUTUBE SITE!!


You can sign up for free on my site at //www.bannersbroker.com/blackgold88 if you decide you want to give it a shot. This one is making people into millionaires and its so easy to do!

Feel free to email me if you have questions about either of these programs.




  • tagold88
    January 6, 2013 at 11:41 PM

    Okay...I've got my 2 and am now helping others get their 2!  I've helped a few people and am so excited about Reserved Position!  Only $9.99 one-time and after your 1st referral you will earn $5 per referral from there on out!

    If you are interested in joining...please inbox me for a link1  I'm helping everyone get their 2 so its important that I keep track of the sign ups!

    Success is ours but YOU have to take the 1st step and request a link!

I am interested in home parties!

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