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abandoned by baby father at 11W, not 27W n he has a GF
April 25, 2013 at 6:35 PM

One day he wants to reconcile and work on us because "he wants nothing more that to be with the baby and the mother of his baby and raise his child in the same household" and the nex day he has a girlfriend (whom is the female he cheated on me with and left me fore) and he can no longer "speak to me like that and tell me sweet nothings behind his "gf" back"  he says " yeah it would be ideal for us to raise our child and be together, but does he take another chance with me or does he stay where he is, and where he is with this girl is not as complicated and crazy as me" he says " i have a lot to think about, does he try with me and be with me n baby or does he stay where he is at?"

all these things he says literally makes me sick to my stomach, i treated him like a king and all he did was run around and cheat on me. He would beg for forgiveness and a second chance and I gave him a million second chances.

I am 7months pregant and he has been MIA since i was 11 weeks. This baby was planned and we did not attempt to prevent pregnacy and he said he wanted nothng more than getting a home with me and raising a family.

He propsed, we were house hunting, we were moving on with on plans. Then he up and leaves me.

Abandon me and his child and months later says he is with her now but he doesnt love her, he says he cares for her and she treats him great and he dont want to break her heart.

how could he put her heart before mine and our baby?

how could he run away like a coward?

5 years i was with him and i cannot understand how he could abandon me in my time of need and choose another female over his child


i dont understand why


  • dawncs
    by dawncs
    April 28, 2013 at 11:54 PM

     I have a good translation for this line from him. He hates the idea of you moving on and being with another man other than him and your child calling him Daddy. Some cheaters out there think it is all right for them to move on but not the one that they cared about most. You are not the only one who this line was fed to. I bet he would feed this line to you if he married the cheated on you with during the relationship. You really have to start thinking of what is best for you and your baby. His broken promises will not pay the rent or help you with the baby needs. It will only cause you a broken heart even more so. I bet he would be feeding you this same line ten years from now, and he had a dozen other women he has dated along with you waiting for him.

    Quoting Lalalonely:

    he says someday he will like to change his ways and fix things

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