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ex makes my head spin UPDATE #2
February 15, 2013 at 11:10 PM

First off I didnt even have time to make it to the court house. I had to take the kids to their appts and I had a million errands to run. He took tje kids last weekend I guess because I let my son call his house. Tomorrow he said he will get them not overnight but only a few hours. I figure, its better than nothing. I asked for a pick up and bring back time so that I dont have to sit in the house waiting on him because I had thimgs to do. He told me that thats talking shit so bye. BYE? Wth. So I said ok whatever can u still give me the timed thats all Im contacting u for. This BOY sent me about 8 emails talking crap and my only response was ok but what time are you taking them. He told me I needed help and thats when I blocked him. He will have to call my house from now on. So lets do the count...1 visit in february, 0 in january, 2 in december, and 1 in november. Ugh...I did have things I wanted to do by myself, but Ill have to cancel all of it. He always does this.

Guess what I did a horrible job blocking him lol because he emailed me this morning. He asked when am I going to take him to court so he doesnt have to deal with me. I replied please dont contact me unless you are telling me times your getting and bringing them back or unless theres an emergency with them. He responds back. This is about the kids. And a second one that said This is so that I don't ever have to speak to you again. I didnt respond back. So you can send me a message the day after a missed visit to bug me about court, but you couldnt tell me what time you were coming to get the kids. Makes no sense to me. It's all a big game. What I wanted to say was...Call the damn court office or wait for the mailman to serve you with papers to find out the date and leave me the hell alone. But I need to look cute for court lol so I will keep my comments to myself. And instead of me waiting until the 28th to to file I have an idea. I will pick up the paperwork on my lunch break Tuesday. Drop it off along with everything in writing when I get off. Then go back on my lunch break Wednesday to review what they put in and sign off on everything. I wish I had the time to go there during weekdays but I work during those hours

Now hes sending stuff about me being with another guy and us breaking up lol. The funny thing is Im not responding and he;s still going smh.


  • SoKamele
    February 17, 2013 at 10:55 AM

    I would keep it simple as possible...and show the judge how cooperative you're being and how unreasonable he is.....The judge usually figures out who the problem is......just by waiting for them to open their

    It was an ugly case...the girl tried to get visitation she could spend more time with the kid......and it ended up dad got extra hours instead.

    I was kind of shocked at how bad people actually behave in a court of law.....

    Quoting pianokisses:

    wow lol. I don't mind that. All I tell him is the time the last ate. And when he brings them back I ask them what time did they last eat and thats all.

    Quoting SoKamele:

    I was recently waiting in court for a custody hearing of my own........and the case ahead of me was so bad.....that the judge ordered there would be no talking/communication during the drop off time....

    It was really ugly....poor dude just wanted to see his daughter...and the mom was making it as difficult as possible. Her bad.......cuz the judge did not like it one bit.

  • tinakinakins
    February 17, 2013 at 10:58 AM
    He sounds just like my ex. Ugh men.

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