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so confused dont know what to do
December 28, 2012 at 10:31 PM
So i posted on here a few months ago about how my sons dad is in prison for unlawful sexual conduct with miners and how he has never met my our son. Well he gets out in june 2013. Only about 6 months away. I had a talk with my brother not long ago and made Me really start thinking about the whole situation about taking my sons dad to court to get his rights taken. And some of the stuff he said was good points like how i would have felt if my mom wouldnt have let my dad in my life even if he wanted to. I would have been so heart broken. Im a big daddys girl i love my dad so much. I just dont want my kid to grow up and find out and hate me for doing what i did. Im just so confused i mean i find myself thinking about his dad alot but i dont think im actually in love with him or anything its more like what im gonna do when he gets out. I know he is gonna come looking for me he knows were our work and live but i dont think he will come to my house because of the fact i live with my exs parent(my son knows my ex as his dad hes been there since day 1) so im sure he will show up at my job. But what i really need some advice on is weather i should go for it and try to get his rights taken or wait it out till he gets out and see how he is im just so confused. Also it dont help the fact that my exs parents are very protective of us and wants me too go to court. Any advice would be great thanks

Baby daddy is charges with 4 counts unlawful sexual conduct and 1 count theft in 09 serving 4 years


  • Mommywithtwo23
    December 29, 2012 at 12:40 AM

     I would take his rights no questions asked. I have 100% custody of my children and my ex has visition only. but If I had the money I would go after him for that. my ex is not the best father and never will. he treats my son like $HI#. And my daughter like gold. but my daughter was physically touched by a cousin while in his care. and YES I would take all rights away. it isn't a good place for my children. how would you feel if your child came home and said daddy touched me! what would you do then? my daughter was 3 years old and yes she still remembers the whole thing!! good luck and god bless

  • moniquek
    December 29, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    Be proactive and seek legal documentation now...I have a friend going through the exact same thing her sons dad went to prison when she was only 2mos pregnant for sexual assault and just recently was released and even though he is on the sex predators list she still has to let him see there son right now they are supervised but after 6mos of no mishaps she has to let her son go alone DONT hesitate seek help NOW!!

  • hdc51609
    December 29, 2012 at 4:01 AM
    Thanks ladys i just hope they will do it even tho im a single mom and all i want to protect my son
  • CooknKitten
    December 29, 2012 at 5:27 AM
    My own father was/is not a good man. He did deplorable things but I still love him. There wetter not many laws in place for me when I was a child to protect me against him. However I think you have a unique opportunity to protect your child from any harm he may in counter with his father. in my opinion is better to have the court order in place just in case. it is up to you too in force the order so if you find that he is a changed man you do not have to enforce the order and you can give him visitation. as for my daughter's father he is a very troubled man and continue to struggle with drugs. I had to go and get a court order to have his rights taken away he has no right to his daughter. in this situation it was what was best for her and I often wonder if I made the right decision for her. no matter what your choice is it will not be an easy one.
  • Bauxite-17
    December 29, 2012 at 5:35 AM

    Your son has never met him, he hasn't been apart of your lives for years...hes has gross criminal record.....I think you would be doing a disservice to your son if you didn't get BD's rights taken away. Hes not a good man, obviously, he won't be a good influence on your son, and even though that is his father, hes never met him, doesn't know him, so you'd basically be pushing him into a strangers arms....Get BD's rights taken away. Your son won't hate you.

  • AllNaturalMum
    December 29, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor?? Take his rights away.

    What if your child is next? Or one of your child's friends?

    That man has no business around children, at all.

  • LifeCafe42
    December 29, 2012 at 5:01 PM
    If they will take his rights do it you are protecting your child from a bad person not keeping him away out of spite your child may be upset for a bit but they will figure it out
  • easinpc
    by easinpc
    December 29, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    In this case I would be going to court now before he gets out to have his rights removed and get sole custody (both physical and legal) and make sure you protect your child.  I know that you want your child to know his father but in this case I honestly don't think that would be a good thing.  Hugs!

  • hdc51609
    December 30, 2012 at 6:56 PM
    Thanks ladies i just dont know if they will take hos rights completly because of the fact im single and alot of sites ive read they wont take his rights if im not married im gonna look into an atterny and see what they have to say i cant do anything till febuary tho cause i dont hace the money for it .first thing that will come out of my income taxes is this
  • KRIZZ25
    by KRIZZ25
    December 30, 2012 at 6:58 PM
    no man with that back ground will be around my kids..sorry no way buddy ..jmo tho

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