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”Don't have sex
October 6, 2012 at 9:53 AM
Unless you can handle getting pregnant with his baby.”

Agree? Disagree?


  • ForeverInLove
    October 9, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    Yes it does. Teh asshole court commissioner told me, "Well, if he's going to pay he's going to claim" after I asked, "He's going to be allowed to claim him with no visitation, no custody?" So... he gets to claim him every other year, even though $63.75 a week doesn't actually pay for 50% of his needs... He doesn't pay for medical (unless it's uncovered by our insurance) or anything above and beyond what is made to be paid in support. 

    I wish he'd just give up his rights. My son is five and a half years old, and the only man he knows as Daddy is my husband. My husband wants to adopt him. We don't have the money to hire a lawyer, at this time, to fight him. We could get it too, as in the state of michigan, even if you pay child support, if you fail to every SEE the child, it's physical abandonment. 

    Quoting faerie75:

     does teh court order SAY he can claim him? if not, dont let him. theres no court required. just claim him yourself and let the irs audit his ass.

    Quoting ForeverInLove:

    He does pay child support. It's the only thing he does. I could take him back to court to have it re-evaluated, but I don't want to chance that he suddenly decides he wants court ordered visitation. Right now, it's the last thing my son needs. He has special needs.

    Quoting Jennyanne322:

    Unless he pays child support. He can't claim that child on taxes. You should speak to a lawyer about that. You should be the one claiming him on taxes every year or every other year. He shouldn't be allowed to do it every year.

    Quoting ForeverInLove:


    As a mother who had sex with a few idiots, one of them impregnating me, I completely agree. He's an asshole. He told me to 'just get rid of it' because, 'It's not a baby anyways'. Sorry... I'm not into murdering my unborn you asshole!

    My husband is his Daddy now. My husband was his first, and only, Daddy. The SOB he shares genes with has never even met him. Never made an attempt, but won't sign off his right. Says, it's his blood... yeah asshole. No. You saw how much money he takes off your taxes at the end of the year! Literally!


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