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My sons father reached out to my friend
October 4, 2012 at 11:35 PM
Ive known her since middle school and weve been friends since, she got married in may of 2011 which is why i got pregnant, the convincing sex to get my sons father to go o the weddig got me in touble...

Now my sons father and i broke up when i was 7 months pregnant. And my son is 7 months now and he still hasnt seen our son, ive already taken his ass to court.

Soo a month a go my friend soo i thought calls me and trys to start the convo with hey how u been hows the baby blah blah then proceeds to say that my sons father reached her via facebook and asked her i she could get somethings he got the baby because he doesnt want the baby to out grow them. I SAW RED. Wtf?! So he never spoke to her ever ever we never hungout other then the introduction kinda at her wedding and they chatted? Plus he doesnt has the balls to face me because he knows ill rip his ass apart. Oh hell no.

I toldher no and havnt spoken to her since. I ignore her calls and texts because i find it sketchy now that there is a window of communication. Even if we were all friend from years ago okay maybe id get it but they never spoke before and honestly indont trust either of them. She got married for papers and i kno shes slept around so what makes me think they wont continue speaking. Hes good for nothing yes, but i still had his baby! Im pissed and i dont know if its right but ive cutt my friend off because of this.


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