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What are Signatures (Siggies) & Tags?*
August 8, 2012 at 8:54 AM

Signatures (siggies) can encompass many things and are chiefly used at the bottom of a post or message. They can be graphics, tickers or text.. To get a signature, join TGSP or any other © compliant signature group on Cafemom and request one! The © compliant designers would love to share their talent and beautiful creations with you!

In TGSP we identify signatures as something that is custom made for you within the Guidelines of © & ™ law.. A signature is something that you "dream up" and ask a designer to make for you or let the designer know what you like (animation, glitter, fairies, butterflies, color, etc) and she creates a design based on the specifications you give..A signature normally contains your name, screen name or group name..

Tags are graphics that the designers create that are offered to the group as a whole.. There are normally no changes made to a tag.. Everyone gets the same design with the exception of the name on the tag or, if the designer so chooses, color choices.. These can normally be created very quickly where signatures take longer because the designer is creating something unique for you!

Although signatures (siggies) and tags are normally found at the bottom of messages, posts or replies they can be used many ways! They can be added to your page to "pretty up" your page.. If not animated, they can be added to slide shows along with several other uses that we have listed elsewhere in the group..

One of the important things to remember with signatures and tags is to not distort the © info contained on the design.. To do this, makes the design illegal and can lead to legal action against you and the designer! So, please, when using signatures or tags a designer makes for you, make sure that the © info can be read and by no means are you ever to remove that info!


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