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The Ungrateful Customer
May 1, 2009 at 2:17 PM

I put make up on people and I love what I do. There is just something about seeing a woman come looking for one thing and leaving with more than she expected out of the experience. I do not or try not to go okay here is the one thing you asked for here you go. It to me is more than that.

So I had a day where there were women who were overall happy with what they asked for. Cool. I like to add a finishing touch sometimes it is expected but that is okay. It is an investment to buy make up these days. But I will add blush or do eyes and or all of everything.

One lady sat down and she kind of scared me at first as one of her comments starting out our visit was like this: "I'm going to tell you something so we are both on the same page on what I want" and put her fingers on her eyes and pointed them at me like eye to eye. I thought I was going to get a death wish right after that. She was a little intimidating and chased another customer off.

In the end I did enjoy her time and her story and she looked great. Then she wanted everything and more and got her to keep it realistic. I had samples so she could have the entire look ready as her purchase was a good one and she had made a huge return to buy my product at another counter. Then she says "I have to go to another store to make a return" (there is the death of the sale). "Will you still be here"? I told her I could wait a little bit for her but I had to leave the floor soon (I had to go to lunch before it got to late as we get busy later in the day).

I already knew what was up as the other place sells my product too and I had done all of the work Ugh! Well I waited for awhile and finally went to lunch and found her where I was going to sit and eat my lunch with her bag from the competition. I said hello and she I think was a little taken aback and surprised. "Oh I changed my mind oh and I knew you were waiting for me..." I just let her know that I figured as much and told her to have a great day. Ugh!!! Thank you for taking an hour out of my day when I could have made that lady you chased away look wonderful (she did buy but would have appreciated the make over more).

In the end I look at it as this is someone that I was supposed to meet and hear her story.


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