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Obama care and my friends kidney surgery
August 31, 2013 at 1:10 PM
This is my friends FB post from this morning,. she just had kidney surgery, might I add they are also a military family and have their own insurance, but none of this matters. clearly. Know what you are voting for, don't vote for obamacare when you have NO CLUE what it is people! Can I just say that kidney surgery really sucks! Thanks to the new federal hospital law being put in place by Obamacare the law dictates how long I can be inpatient. Each surgery & issue now have new federal criteria, if the patient doesn't meet the criteria than they are kicked out, even though I have full coverage insurance and my insurance said they would pay for me to stay inpatient as long as I needed to. I had major surgery and I was kicked out after three days inpatient even though my doctors faught on my behalf to keep me in until my stents were removed. With Obamacare the law doesnt allow doctors to make certian choices for their patients regarding care anymore, and soon doctors wont be allowed to make ANY decisions. Look where this nation is going with healthcare, it's going down hill, Obama is ruining this nation!


  • Mrs.Velasquez
    August 31, 2013 at 2:14 PM
    Obama didn't ruin this country, bush did.
  • PestPatti
    August 31, 2013 at 2:19 PM

    Quoting Mrs.Velasquez:

    Obama didn't ruin this country, bush did.

     Actually no he didnt, many had a hand in it.  And it started long before Bush was POTUS.

  • shiningjoy
    August 31, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    A long list of stuff.  Some of it is Kidney and Liver problems. Bowel problems.  A lot more than just that.  She just spent multiple weeks in the hospital.  She has had a lot of surgerys and has a lot more coming.  She is very sick.

    Quoting strawberryLVR:

    Quoting shiningjoy:

    My MIL is very sick and since this whole Obama care thing her insurance has gone through the roof along with their copays.  It is crazy

    whats wrong with her if you don't mind me asking?

  • shiningjoy
    August 31, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    I have a friend over there too that is having a horrible time with her pre-natal care.  She is very high risk, and they told her that she can't take an ambulance to the hospital that is an hour away, they told her she would have to get a taxi!!  Really???  Wow!!!

    Quoting pinkcoffeecup:

    Then you people wonder why I didn't vote for Obama.   The buffoon has made a huge mess of the country and now with health care.  Obama Care will be no good to anyone.  Long waits to get major care approved, death panels where if your to sickly. They will say how about taking this pill. You'll die peacefully.  Crappy care like Canada and Great Brittain.  A friend of mine seen first hand how terrible the care is in Great Brittain.  Babies born premature.  They were not given any care. Just allowed to lay there till they slowly died.   I'm not sold on anything the stupid Liberals are trying to pass off on us as good. 

  • motherslove82
    August 31, 2013 at 3:00 PM
    I never once said that your life was not worth It. I said that something needs to be done, but not this. We have a different situation we are struggling to pay our bills and being forced to pay outrageous insurance premiums could very well mean we can't afford our rent. It's not ad black and white as you make like it is and there is more than one bad situation. This may help some, but it will make others worse.

    Quoting specialwingz:

    Nice of you to assume I don't understand.  I do understand, thank you very much.  And, paying a higher premium is better than dying for me!  My family thinks so, too!

    It doesn't take a chronic disease to make insurance useful.  People have heart attacks every day that never showed any indication of one pending!  People break bones and require surgery without warning.  Tell the parents of the college kids who suffered from the menengitis outbreak in the dorms that their insurance was useless.  Nobody knows they have cancer until it shows its ugly head.  THOSE people are glad they have insurance, which you call "almost useless".  And, pray the insurance company doesn't decide to drop them.

    I'll take the insurance premium and have coverage.  I can grow my own vegetables and raise my own meat.  I can learn how to provide my own utilities.  People can control ALL that!  They simply choose not to.  What we can't control is the high costs of medical care.  

    But, thank you for putting a price on my head.  I guess my life isn't worth ANY useless insurance premium.  =/

    I do agree that this isn't the fix-all answer.  And, I'm not saying everything in the new healthcare act is good.  There is good and bad in EVERYTHING.  What needs to happen is for the insurance companies to be, once again, regulated.  But, it's considered Big Business and too many Republicans are getting rich from it.  They should NOT be allowed to make money off of our lives!  Our lives should NOT be a for-profit business! That's a big part of what is wrong with this country.  It's all about the almighty buck.  To hell with anything else.

    Quoting motherslove82:

    It has some good things, but here is what you don't understand. Just because they cannot turn you away for a pre-existing condition doesn't mean that they can't turn you away for some other "reason", or that they can't charge you a premium that is through the roof. And thanks to Obamacare, you will be forced to pay that premium - even if it means you can't pay your other bills. You may have all of the insurance and health care in the world, but it won't help much if you don't have food or electicity. 

    It also means that these insurance companies are going to have their expenses go up astronomically because they are accepting pre-existing conditions. That also means that everyone's premiums will go up and that THOSE people will be forced to pay those higher premiums because they will be forced to have health insurance - even if it means that THEY can't pay their other bills.

    And unless you have a life-threatening or chronic illness or injury, health insurance is almost useless. Why should I have to pay $500 a month when it is cheaper just to pay full price and go to the doctor. Even if someone in my family was sick every single month and I had to pay out of pocket for the doctor's appointment, I would still lose money by having insurance. Why is it fair to stick people who are already struggling with a huge payment every month that they cannot afford? I agree that something should be done to help people be able to have health care, but this is not it. Most people will probably end up paying the fine and still not have health insurance.

    Quoting specialwingz:

    Well, for every negative, there is a positive.

    I can tell you first-hand that stage III colon cancer sucks!!  My health insurance company dropped me because I am considered high risk.  That's what happens when insurance companies are deregulated and allowed to become for-profit entities on the NYSE.  Thank you, Republicans.  It's so nice to know that the value of my life is flexible, worth so much one day and not so much on the next.

    Other insurance companies now consider me pre-existing and won't touch me with a 10' pole.  Do you have ANY idea how much surgery and hospital stays cost - WITHOUT insurance???  How about cancer treatments?  Or CT-scans, P.E.T. scans, tests and lab work to monitor the progress or regression?  Well, to clue you in, it's more than an upper-middle class annual salary.

    Pres. Obama has made it to where on January 1, 2014, insurance companies can't turn down people with pre-existing conditions.  This will be life saving for millions of Americans!

    How would you feel if I was your mother?  Or if you child was born with a heart defect like my neighbor's little girl?  The insurance company refused to cover the surgery the child needed because she was BORN with the condition.  The called it pre-existing!  Thanks to Pres. Obama, the child act was enacted that insurance companies couldn't refuse kids.  You'd better believe I have some pretty happy neighbors who are enjoying having their dd in their lives.

    So, if you can place a price on any human's head by saying a life isn't worth what Pres. Obama has done for us in healthcare, well, that's just sad.

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