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Attention Seeking behavior...???
May 3, 2013 at 9:33 PM

I am so utterly worn out. I have this child in my preschool class that is so strong willed. It can be about nothing at all. Before it was small things like she didn't want to pick up so I made her wait till she did it and join the group. It would take her 30-45min before she gave in and decided she wanted to join us. Now it has taken on a new level. Unprovoked she will start making tons of noise so I can not read a story or anything to my class. Realizing this was attention seeking, I refused to address it and we continued to leave her out of activities until her behavior was acceptable. She then turned into throwing objects in my class. I swept her mess into a pile at the end of class yesterday and today she finally broke and cleaned it.

 It is finally Friday and I couldn't be happier, she has me totally drained. She kept it going all day long. She has turned and is very disrespectful, I know she likes me and I show her I like her. But todayat naptime she told me in a rude way that I needed to rub her forehead, and I said I would not be talked to in that way. She refused to change it to nice talking. She has always been fond of me even through 45min time out sessions. I am at a loss? Is she just testing me more to see how I can be as stubburn as her? Any Ideas. I also think it may be that she wants all my attention on her at all times. If you have experiences, please share


  • lapcounter
    May 11, 2013 at 5:36 AM
    Good luck and bless I wouldn't put with it.
  • Mamamanic
    May 21, 2013 at 12:21 AM

    I don't really see that working, I have dd's that might need extra challenge, but this girl does not want to listen at all. She is like I can count with jumbled numbers and I can write my name with any letters she knows. I have to suggestively teach her. "Oh I like how you wrote your name, I'm going to write your name now" I haven't even been able to finish an evaluation of knowlege on her because she wont cooperate at all. I have to note things I witness while engaged in play. Or time to time she will sit with us for journal time. 

    Quoting StarsntheSky:

    There is something wrong and it seems like she is missing something. As you stated she is doing things for attention. Maybe with all the stress over the trauma she isnt getting enough attention OR she could be bored. When my daughter was 3 she started acting out in her class as well. After talking to her and trying a number of options we did a trial run of a harder curriculum and she did just fine. Now she is in an older class and is progressing wonderfully. I'm sure you have already talked to her parents about the behavior but I would speak to them about putting her in the next learning level and see if she just needs to be challenged more.

  • Mamamanic
    May 21, 2013 at 12:30 AM

    I feel the same way as you. I know she needs support of a emotional and behavioral classroom. The earlier the intervention, the more likely she will have a positive outcome. She needs someone to shadow her all day. She will not get the support where she is, one teacher to 13 will not be sucessful for her. We came up with some very small goals and she has a time frame of 8 weeks to show any improvement. I have worked in Early Childhood Special Ed as a assistant and know how you may need one person on a child. Our ratios were 3 to 12 and the rest of the class did not suffer for one child's choices. At meeting I mentioned that she may need services and that often it is easier to qualify for some services before the age of 5. I hope they will get help for her. I know she has done therapy, but more needs to be looked at and considered. 

    Quoting NDADanceMom:

    I'm a special Ed teacher and i mainly deal with emotional and behavioral issues, not cognitive issues. This girl is showing early signs of borderline behaviors which are sort of like post traumatic disorder for kids with extreme stressors in early childhood. Once borderline is set in a person the only cure is dialetic behavioral therapy which is intense and a full time job.
    It could also be ODD or EBD. Both get worse if untreated. I suggest documenting what you are experiencing in great detail for one week. Good and bad, every 20 minutes write down what she is doing. Can be brief if you are busy. Have the parents take it to the pediatrician for a referral to a specialist.

  • Indianamomto4
    May 21, 2013 at 2:15 AM

    If she is disrupting your class for 45 minutes of screaming why don't you have her parents come pick her up and take her home for that behavior? You say she likes you and maybe once she sees that she doesn't get to stay at school when she acts this way then she will stop. I would also think if the parents are inconvenienced a couple of times by having to come pick her up then they would get on board with cooperating with the school to get her evaluated.

  • jenclayboss
    May 21, 2013 at 2:32 AM
    My 4 year old has autism and this sounds to me a lot my my baby girl .. for so many years we moms and dads over looked this behavior/signs and just think are kids are bad and don't know how to listen.. the sad thing is when the child don't understand why you are so hard on them and why you think they are doing wrong all the time .. I would talk to the child's parents and have her evaluated .. plz. Be that one person sees the signs and help educated her parents ..

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