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It works! No seriously, it actually works!*update 4/22 in green*
April 18, 2013 at 8:43 PM

*pics on pg 3 lol* Small update PG 5 4/20/13

4/18/13 DH and I just tried the It Works body wraps, just for fun, he lost 3 inches and I lost 2. They actually do work!! lol. It may have even worked better if we drank a shit ton of water like they say to, but I have not been feeling well today so I did not feel like it honestly. Supposedly you can keep losing for 24-72 hours so we shall see. We are going to do it again Sunday and drink a lot of water and leave them on longer. We did 45min which they say is the least amount of time you can do it, but we wanted to make sure we would not have any reactions. I just wanted to mae this post for anyone who has looked at them. I am NOT a distributor, I am NOT trying to sell them. I got mine off the internet lol. 

4/19/13 *SO I just measured again. Before the wrap I measured 3 places on my abdomen. Below my bust, above my belly button, and below my belly button in my hip area. Last night after the wrap I was 1 inch down in area 1, no loss in area 2, 1 inch loss in area 3. This morning when I checked again I am 2 inches down (from where I started) in area 1, 1 inch down in area 2, and 1.5-2 inches down in area 3. Something Else I have noticed this AM is that my stretch marks look faded!!! I mean I can still see them, but if the look like this after 1 time, I am dying to see what they look like after we do it again! Kinda wish I had not agreed to share with DH now hahaha. 

4/22/13:SO we did our second wraps last night. This AM My losses are as follows (losses are from when I first measured on 4/18 to now) Area 1(below the bust) 2 inches. Area 2 (above belly button) 2 inches. Area 3 (below belly button, hip area) 1.5-2 inches. SO over all inch loss is close to 6 inches. That is kinda crazy! lol. It may have been more BUT my period started yesterday and I am bloated as hell (oh joy lol) When DH gets home I will have him measure and update for him we well! When he checked last night pre-wrap he was still down some of his original inches, so that is a good sign! My stretch marks faded more/again with this wrap. I feel like if I do 1-2 more they will be completely gone...AHH!!! I have some coming in the mail, but I def want to get more so that I can wrap my upper thighs to help w those stretch marks as well =) 

*IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST YOUR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS POST READ THIS: That is NOT what I made this post for but it is what ever, i cant stop you. THAT BEING SAID...DO NOT try to tell people what they get online is fake, because that is a LIE. DO NOT spam the comments to promote your self. DO NOT start drama with anyone else selling who also posts here. IF SOME ONE ASKS A QUESTION just answer it. There is no need to refer them to your facebook or yahoo 10000 times. Trust me, we get it. 

IF YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUT BUYING THEM- Feel free to ask the distributors where to get them, OR you can find them, YES THE LEGIT REAL ONES, on Amazon or Ebay or other places, shop around if you like. 


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